What kind of a mom are you – Tiger, Chopper or Free-range?


I’m thankful for the opportunity to have these two angels in my life – they make me strive to be a better person, a better cook, an organized homemaker, a patient listener. I’m thankful for all the women that I have come across in my life at various times and shown by example how to be a wonderful mother! I constantly learn from them. I’m not half the mother that my mom was- she was the rock that held our family together, the nutritionist that made fresh orange juice, carrot juice or saffron flavored almond milk in the mornings, packed our favorite lunches with the softest of idlis or wrapped rotis. Listened to our stories patiently, checked homework… I’m still a work in progress.. But the good thing is that I try, I try to be better than what I was yesterday, I try to learn from my peers – the moms who juggle jobs and family so very elegantly, I learn from my mistakes and try not to make them twice… most of all I don’t beat myself up with guilt that I don’t live up to some mom code.

I’m more the hands-off mom…I’m not a Tiger mom whose kids are going to be the Ivy leaguers, realize their full potential, become the valedictorian, and play the piano like a pro. I’m not the helicopter mom either – who hovers 24/7 and protects her children from all dangers, who is involved in all school and social activities of her kids. Has an army of tutors, counselors and party planners to her aid. I’m more on the free-range parent side – I want my kids to learn to be responsible for their future, if they want a bright good future they need to make that a priority and work for it, instead of me hovering and checking the homework and grades everyday. The needs of the younger kids are obviously different from the tween and teenagers who are smart enough to know what they want from their life. We need to give them the environment to nourish that independence and create a desire to succeed and be accountable. I will do everything in my power to help them get there, but they need to want it, not because as parents we want it for them. That does not stop me from giving the occasional lecture trying to explain why they need to work hard, setting boundaries and watching from a little distance that they are in fact making progress, working towards their goals and not just i-gadgeting their life away! Hopefully they will grow to be grounded, well-rounded and independent citizens that make mom, dad and the community proud!

What kind of a parent are you – Tiger, Chopper or Free-range? Regardless of what kind of parent we are, we have the responsibility to hold their hand and mold their future- that we never can take lightly. Happy Mother’s day!

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