10 Simple Family Traditions for Valentine’s Day

February is one of my favorite months! I always look forward to creating some fun memories and enjoy simple family traditions for Valentine’s Day. Nothing extravagant, just little things that make the kids and our furry kid feel a little extra special! It is also my son’s birthday month which makes it extra sweet.

Simple Family Traditions for Valentine's Day | Outside Suburbia
Celebrate LOVE!

Valentine’s Day Memories

Who says Valentine’s Days is just for couples?! We love making it a family affair and enjoy celebrating Valentines’ Day with the kids. The house would be decked up in hearts and splashes of red all through February. We would get together and make little notes and treats for friends. When the kids were young I would meet them at school for a special Valentine’s Day lunch.

We would have heart-shaped pancakes or donuts loaded with pink and red sprinkles on Valentine’s Day, it was a favorite family tradition that the kids looked forward to!

As the kids got older and left for college, I would still make some treats to send them. I sent some Forever Roses to my daughter last year and it is still going strong. I’m working on getting somethings together for her (will share later, don’t want to ruin the surprise :))

Here are some of our favorite family traditions for Valentine’s Day:

  1. ❤️️ Decorate the living areas with some LOVE pillows and cozy blankets.
  2. ❤️️ Deck the table with Valentine’s plates, mugs and decorations. Red plates work double duty during the holidays and Valentines’ day.
  3. ❤️️ String paper heart banners or garlands. They are easy to make with red, pink and white paper. Or you can cut them and leave a trail of hearts leading to the table.
  4. ❤️️ Write a love letter or notes to the kiddos and hiding them in lunch boxes.
  5. ❤️️ Don’t stop with just friends, make Valentine’s cards for grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.
  6. ❤️️ Make heart-shaped sugar cookies and frosting them together. (I love this premade mix by Sur La Table, it keeps the shape after baking, unlike other brands. You can get these fun heart cookie cutters or stamp them with cute messages using these letter stamps)
  7. ❤️️ Share the homemade goodies and cards with friends and teachers. The homemade cookies are always a hit. You can make hot chocolate bombs that are all the rage this season or some old fashioned hot chocolate mix in small mason jars.
  8. ❤️️ Get heart-shaped donuts, bagels (Einstein Bagels and Dunkin’ Donuts) usually carry them during February) or make heart-shaped pancakes at home for breakfast. Add a little red food color to the pancake batter, I use these pancakes rings. You can use them to make heart-shaped eggs as well.
  9. ❤️️ Set up a nice Valentines’ dinner at home with fancy plates, flutes, cloth napkins and nice desserts. You don’t have to fuss with the menu, even pizza and soda will work, kids enjoy the setup and idea more than the food.
  10. ❤️️ Get matching heart PJs or tees and take some fun family photos.

Hope the list of simple family traditions for Valentine’s Day inspired you to create a few of your own!

Shop some of my Valentine’s Day Favorites

Valentine’s Day Desserts and Treats

I love making homemade cookies with the kids and have tried a few recipes over the years and this cookie mix is now my all time favorite. It is a little more expensive than your regular store brands but they turn out perfect. Just mix an egg and butter, voila! Decorate the cookies with Wilton cookie icing.

Easy & Best Classic Sugar Cookies  |  Outside Suburbia

I will confess: we have a sweet tooth! Over the years I have compiled a few of my favorite Valentine’s Day treats that I buy locally here in Dallas, check them out. The made from scratch heart-shaped mini-pies called Valenpies (don’t miss trying a slice of Doctor Love) are adorable and delicious, now they ship nationwide too!

Impactful & Meaningful Gifts that GIVE BACK

Celebrate love with Gifts that give back. I LOVE this three-dimensional garland perfect for Valentine’s Day or even engagement parties, and weddings and other celebrations. These lovely garlands also can double as décor for nurseries and kids’ rooms.

Impactful & Meaningful Valentine's Day Gifts | Outside Suburbia

Every purchase of this heart garland supports artisans in Nepal, many of whom previously did not have access to formal education and are women who are the sole providers for their families. They are empowered through dignified income opportunities to ultimately achieve financial independence, make critical decisions, and have their voices heard.

See a few other meaningful gifts that give back.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Here are a few ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for the kiddos and adults. Keep the theme pink or red and get something small yet meaningful. Again it’s all about the idea, the memory than the gift itself. Something small and simple will make for a lovely memory and become a family Valentine’s day tradition!

Matching Heart PJs for the whole family (Hanna Andersson makes the cutest PJ and they last a lifetime). I love these Roller Rabbit ones too.

Matching Family Heart PJs for Valentines day | Outside Suburbia

Rose Quartz Facial Roller and Gua Sha Rose Quartz Sculpty Tool

I got my tee from Sezane this year but you can find a few Heart Sweaters or Tees anywhere including, some affordable options like Kohls and Old Navy.

Boys don’t have to shy away from wearing pinks or reds either. My son loves his hoodies in bright reds. H&M carries a few nice hoodies this year. I like this hoodie with a subtle heart motif.

Cute socks in pretty prints always make great gifts. These red ones with mom hearts are great for V-day and Mother’s Day!

Valentine's Day Pet Gift ideas | Outside Suburbia

Let’s not forget those furry ones in the family! Fashion a cute heart bandana from a piece of triangle Valentine’s day fabric (you can buy them at the craft store). You can get some cute heart toys, Valentine’s rope toys or other small gifts for the pets.

I LOVE this collection of sweaters, I have one from last year’s collection. It is sweet, feminine and festive, a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day to treat yourself or for your daughter.

I love this mesh skirt with hearts as well, super cute with a black blouse or valentine’s tee. If you don’t want to spend a lot on something you can’t wear regularly.

Valentine’s Day is not complete without some chocolates. Godiva always comes through with their packaging and products, I’m sad that they are closing their stores. You can find a few beautifully packaged and responsibly sourced chocolates here.

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What are some of your Family Valentines Day Traditions?

10 Simple Family Traditions for Valentine's Day | Outside Suburbia

Wishing you and yours a happy & healthy month of ❤️️


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