Travel Dreams and Plans for 2022

It is almost two weeks into the new year and it’s time to make some travel plans for 2022, they are more like travel dreams at this point since Delta, Omicron, and newer forms of the coronavirus are still a threat. But that doesn’t stop us from dreaming of trips and faraway places. The cabin fever is real! DREAM WITH ME, what are your travel wishes for this year?

We were lucky enough to make it to Maui last summer (the resort we stayed at in Maui was a splurge but boy was it worth every penny) and then to Mexico’s Riviera Maya with some friends over Thanksgiving break. Our winter holiday plans got canceled. 2021 took us on a couple of driving trips. On one of those LONG road trips, we narrowly escaped a major mishap (see more here). Sadly my dreams of long term travel and a trip to India to spend some quality time with my dad have been postponed.

Spending quality time at home with our immediate families during 2020/21 has helped us appreciate just how precious our planet is and how we must do whatever we can to protect and preserve what we have. We witnessed nature’s reset— from wildlife flourishing across all parts of the globe to seas and rivers clearing, to the disappearance of air pollution that was even visible from outer space. When we go back into the world it would be with a renewed appreciation for Mother Earth!

Outside Suburbia Travel Dreams & Plans for 2022

2022 is the year to get back into the world and turn dream trips into reality. Here are a few Outside Suburbia trips we are hoping for:

To the Beach

No place is more soothing to the soul than a family beach vacation. There are beaches, then there are Beaches Resorts! You can walk on white-sand beaches and play on pristine turquoise waters. A shade of blue that is so spectacular! A color that has been haunting my dreams and my desktop screen saver. Friends say that you have to see the sparkling blue waters of Turks and Caicos in person to believe that it is REAL. If you go, this amazing all-inclusive resort is perfect for families. It features many gourmet restaurants, a private butler service to plan every detail of the vacation, five magnificent villages that have architecture and ambiance of Italy, France, the Caribbean and Key West, a 45,000 square-foot waterpark for kids to frolic! Talk about traveling a little bit of the world right there at the resort.

Plus, it is easy to socially distance yourself at the beach if you need to. A phrase I hope to forget as we move further into 2022!

2022 is the year to get back into the world and make those dream trips happen | Outside Suburbia

Take to the open road

After two years of border closures, travel restrictions, and cancellations, I want to get out there and make up for it all. The winding coastal drive in California’s Route 1 that showcases some of the best views of the Pacific Ocean has always been a favorite. A big road trip in Atlantic Canada is one of those travel wishes for 2022. So many beautiful places in Canada — endless horizon, gorgeous rolling scenery, and total freedom!

Plan some bucketlist destinations

2022 is the year to plan those bucket list destinations. While the travel gurus predict local travel will dominate 2022, with about 59% of Americans sticking to domestic travel, we hope to get a little further. Perhaps to the Cyclades of Greece or the mountains of Italy.

To marvel at the magic lights of Nature

One of my long-time dreams is to see the aurora borealis dance (northern lights).  IMO it is one of the most beautiful and magical natural phenomena to witness on the planet. Fingers crossed for a spring break trip to Finland to see them from the cozy glass igloos at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort or make the trip north to Fairbanks, the Alaskan town that sits below the Arctic Circle. Alaska’s season is between mid-September and late April, experts say the light typically peaking in March. The light display can only be seen in places where there are long, dark nights and when there is solar activity.

Photo by Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

To spend time with friends and extended family

While technology brought us closer through zoom birthday parties and virtual happy hours, I can’t wait to go see my Dad and celebrate his 80th Birthday IN PERSON. I’m looking forward to taking part in the Diwali celebrations in India. A few trips to India are in the works for us. My finger and toes are crossed for this one!!! I can’t wait to hug my little nieces and also plan a few girls’ trips with my college friends.

While there was so much sorrow and loss, some good did come out of the pandemic years. A bit of awareness, collective compassion, and appreciation for each other! We learned firsthand how difficult a job it is to be a teacher and the importance of Healthcare workers. We learned the importance of spending time outdoors. We learned how much we owe to science and scientists, and technology. The world has long been going digital but we came to appreciate it more the past couple of years. We also realized how much we interdepend on each other! I hope we never lose sight of these.

2022 is the year to make those dream trips happen | Outside Suburbia

As for the trip planning, it might be just for my mental health at this point, but I DO BELIEVE the BEST is yet to come!


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