Tea at Taschen at Joule, Dallas

Mother’s day came a little early for me this year… Since the girl is off in college and Mother’s day falls around her midterms, we decided to celebrate a little early when she was visiting in Spring.  From big fat brunches to lovely shopping experiences, there are lots of things to do in Dallas to celebrate Mother’s Day, but an afternoon tea is one of my favorite ways to celebrate. This year we had Tea at TASCHEN at Joule, the swanky downtown hotel – an artsy hotel we love.

Tea at Taschen at Joule

Tea is such a romantic notion to me – getting dressed up in your best outfits and catching up over sips of delicate tea and finger sandwiches and dainty cakes – pretending that you are across the pond.  One of my favorite memories is afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason in London, sipping on tea served in robin’s egg blue china nibbling on scones, petits fours and watercress cream cheese sandwiches.  Afternoon tea at Biltmore is a close second.

Mother’s Day Tea at Taschen at Joule Dallas

We were greeted with glasses of champagne as we entered into the TASCHEN library.  I always love stopping at the Joule at The Weekend for coffee when we are in the area, to visit the DMA or Nasher Sculpture center – it is such a gorgeously chic space, filled with so much art – more about it later. As soon as we took our seats around the table tiered plates that held delectable cakes and sandwiches were placed in front of us along with pretty china in shades of yellow, pinks and blues – all sourced from Australia we learnt. I of course opted for the yellow cup!

Before each tea was served, we were told what would be drinking, and a little history about it. On the menu were a Jasmine tea, a spicy Texas chili chai that we were encourage to add some sugar to and the 43rd blend that was served to President Bush. There was cauliflower panna cotta, duck confit, olive cake with goat cheese and a mini eggs benedict. For sweet we had caramilized brioches, pink lemon tarts, cranberry lemon buckle and a chocolate bavarian. Delicate egg cups were placed in front of us, which held the Joule Egg, a clever and delightful spin on the original deviled egg.

Tea at Taschen at Joule

Tea at Taschen is a communal affair where there are 2 large table and about 20 people in the room.  We were encouraged to pick up books off the shelves to browse through during tea. All along the champagne was flowing freely as chatted with people at our table – there was a lawyer from Dallas and a family who owned a winery in Napa and a mom and daughter who were thinking about hosting a graduation tea party at the Joule – seemed like the perfect place for it.  Throughout the different teas, we continued to nibble on the cakes and sandwiches, browse through the Monet book I picked up from the shelves stacked with pretty books.  Couple of hours went by as we ate and sipped and visited….

Tea at Taschen at Joule - Photo by OutsideSuburbia.com

As a little parting gift, we were given macarons, which we saved for a later day and you get 10% off all books in the library.

Joule Hotel Dallas - Photo by OutsideSuburbia.com

Not ready to leave the place yet, we moved to the lobby to catch up as we were not able talk much to each other at the tea.

Lobby Joule Hotel, Dallas - Photo by OutsideSuburbia.com

Roger Hiorns’ crystal-covered engine in the Lobby

Joule Hotel Lobby

While we have never stayed at the Joule Hotel, we end up taking friends from the suburbs or out of townees for coffee at the Weekend or dinner at one of their restaurants – CBD Provisions, a modern Texas brasserie or Americano, a casual yet vibrant Italian restaurant.  We love hanging out at their art filled lobby, watching the huge gears of crystal-covered engine and catching up over drinks admiring the mosaics. More than 70 mosaics by California artist Millard Sheets were salvaged by hotel founder Tim Headington from a downtown construction project. The life-size mosaics from an old Mercantile Bank Building were restored and added to the hotel’s collection. A 7-foot-tall Sheets mural stands between the columns of the front elevator. Another mural is between the front desk and the lobby bar, another is in the hallway leading to the spa, and there’s more above the shelves lining the Taschen library-bookshop. The pool that looks like you are swimming into the downtown Dallas streets takes it all up another level.


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Murals by Millard Sheets that decorate the lobby


Giant Eye across from Joule Hotel, Dallas - Photo by OutsideSuburbia.com

The Eye at The Joule (right across the street) is a 30-foot eyeball sculpture by Tony Tasset.

The Joule Hotel

The unique 8-foot cantilevered pool at Joule gives guests the sensation of swimming out beyond the hotel’s edge

Tea at Taschen at Joule, Photo by OutsideSuburbia

Tea at Taschen at Joule

Don’t wait for Mother’s Day, Birthday … any day is a special day! The Tea at Taschen is served on Saturdays and Sundays at 2:30pm. You can make reservation for Tea at Taschen by emailing reservations at [email protected] If you are from out of town I highly recommend the Joule for a stay – you can thank me later.

1530 Main street, Dallas, Texas 75201

You can see my article in Plano Magazine for other places in Plano and Dallas for afternoon tea.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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From brunches to lovely shopping experiences, there are lots of things to do in Dallas to celebrate Mother’s Day, but an afternoon tea is one of my favorite ways to celebrate. Tea at TASCHEN at Joule is a lovely way to celebrate mother's Day or any day really! #AfternoonTea #DallasThingsTodo #OutsideSuburbia

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