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Grab a coffee, tea or beverage of choice and read on….I’m Priya, who believes that you can have authentic and awesome experiences when travelling with kids and don’t have to quit your job either to see the world!

I’m a suburban mom with a full time job and lucky to have a husband who shares a passion for travel. I’m also a part time (reluctant) cook, chauffeur and cheerleader to my teen daughter and son, we also have a cute dog who doesn’t get to travel that much.  OutsideSuburbia is a portal where I share insight about our family trips and feature travel inspiration from other like minded Travelers and Travel Partners.  We hope, in some way to inspire you to explore your Suburbia and beyond and put those vacation days and school holidays to good use in creating memories with your loved ones.

Most of our travels are family trips – one thing is guaranteed, what you see on Outside Suburbia is authentic travel experiences… nothing that is staged, advertised or edited beyond reality.  I have had experiences when a social media post has inspired me to make the trip somewhere only to find the water not as turquoise or the street art or much photographed mural being on a questionable alleyway. 99% of our travel is what we paid for ourselves, if there are any sponsored trips or affiliate links will surely disclose that. We have paid for these trips and experiences and only share them if it is something we truly enjoyed and is worth sharing.  There will be no content or products recommended here that we don’t love.  We have been travelling for 20 plus years, what started as a yearly travel journal tuned into a personal blog and evolved into a Family Travel Portal.

We had an amazing 2016 and got to see Santa in Cabo, Fall colors in New York and Italy and spent the summer holidays road tripping and practicing photography around Iceland… read more here

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I contribute to Huffington Post and Top Flight Family, another resource for luxury family travel and soon on the South Asian Buzz, Lonely Planet Pathfinders and Plano Magazine. Last year, I also had the honor of contributing to a book  “The Trip that changed My Life” where travelers from all over the world came together to write a book for charity.   The book is available on amazon if you fancy a read. The paperback version is available at https://www.amazon.com/dp/1535187867/ and the E-Book is available at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M2V3YZL.

When we are not travelling, we live in the ‘burbs of Dallas going about our schedule of school, work, baseball practices during the week days. We try to break away from the Suburbia every so often sometime it is for a few hours in the weekend to catch a show or a bite to eat outside our normal routes, other times it is a vacation.  I think exposing children to the world outside the suburbs is key to having an enriched childhood. Life is pretty routine with school, music lessons, baseball tournaments, friends from very similar backgrounds inside our suburbs.  There is so much that books teach you but to experience something – visiting a museum, marveling at architecture, learning a few phrases in a new language, trying a new dish or just being in nature teaches kids so much more, these exposures makes for lasting memories and life lessons.  The world outside it limitless with things to do, places to see, people to know, foods to savor… our intent to break away from the known is the only thing limiting us.  We believe travel is not about counting countries or passport stamps but making memories and cherishing them!

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

I’m a computer Engineer by profession but I enjoy art, travelling, planning the travels, journaling and blogging about the weekend micro getaways and vacations trips Outside Suburbia!!  This is a journal of those journeys of food, fun, fashion, family… ramblings on art… life outside sometimes inside our suburbia! This is also an attempt to get me and the family to fall in love with the city that we have lived in for eons and never got to know better, a city that we had taken for granted all these years!  You might find some inspiration for you travel here as we are always trying to maximize our travel days and money for best experiences possible.  I have to mention my favorite mode of sightseeing is from the basket of a hot air balloon, the experience of launching into the atmosphere, while enjoying the birds eye view of the world below is an experience like no other – if that fancies you, you might find some inspiration about hot air balloon rides around the world. Signup for our posts, so join us as we explore the world Outside Suburbia!

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