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I’m Priya – mom, writer and founder of Outside Suburbia who believes that you can have authentic and awesome experiences when travelling with kids and don’t have to quit your job either to see the world!

OutsideSuburbia is a portal where I share insight about our family trips and feature travel inspiration from other like minded Travelers and Travel Partners.  We hope, in some way to inspire you to explore your Suburbia and beyond and put those vacation days and school holidays to good use in creating memories with your loved ones.

Most of our travels are family trips – one thing is guaranteed, what you see on Outside Suburbia is authentic travel experiences… nothing that is staged, advertised or edited beyond reality.  I have had experiences when a social media post has inspired me to make the trip somewhere only to find the water not as turquoise or the street art or much photographed mural being on a questionable alleyway. Most of our travel is what we paid for ourselves, if there are any sponsored trips or affiliate links will surely disclose that. We only share experiences if it is something we truly enjoyed and is worth sharing.  There will be no content or products recommended here that we don’t love.

We have been travelling for 20 plus years, what started as a yearly travel journal has evolved into this wonderful space.  We live a simple life inside the ‘burbs so we can splurge a little on our travels when we go Outside Suburbia.  While we like our nice hotels and comfy sheets, we don’t splurge on fancy restaurants or Michelin star menus but spend the money on activities. At least one per trip that will be memorable like a private beach picnic in a remote island in Bora Bora, a lunch with Mediterranean view at the famous Hotel Eden Roc or a hot air balloon safari in the Serengeti – because that one memory will be what you remember most about the trip. You will find on the site – our jam packed and planned two week itineraries, hotels we loved, hot air balloon rides, other soft adventures and ideas to make your holidays memorable.

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Instagram remains my favorite social media channel but you can also find us on Pinterest , twitter and Facebook, – we would love to connect with you there as well!  If you would like to collaborate or work with us, drop us a line! We are always planning trips and have an endless list of places to visit and hope to travel around the world without having that awful two week vacation limitation.  Prayers and fingers crossed for this to happen in 2021!  Till then we will still be juggling work, high school and college schedules to find that sweet spot when all four of us can travel together as a family.

Happy Travels, Thanks again for stopping by, hope our paths cross in real world sometime…. till then see you on IG!