Fairmont Southampton: An almost perfect Girls Getaway to Bermuda

When we were planning our girls’ trip this year, Bermuda was not one of our first choices.  We were looking into Charleston, Vegas, Miami.. and other similar stereotypes.  But when our schedules didn’t work out and Bermuda was thrown in as an option I reluctantly agreed – thinking as long as there were some beaches and decent weather and my girlfriends to keep me company we will be ok.  I was pleasantly surprised by how gorgeous Fairmont Southampton and Bermuda were!

Photo by Fairmont Southampton

My lack of excitement was more because of my ignorance and the lack of convenient flights from Dallas.  But after researching a little we found perfect connections from the East coast and there were several of them from Newark, Philly, Toronto. That’s the only reason Bermuda is an ‘almost’ perfect Girls Getaway in my books, would love to see some direct flights from Dallas.  My friends were joining from the East coast, so apart from the lonely 2 hour flight from Dallas to Newark, I had company.

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The Fairmont Southampton Bermuda Resort

Once we decided on Bermuda, the resort choice was easy. We wanted to be by the beach and on a beautiful property. Fairmont Southampton fits the bill perfectly.  Located in Southampton Parish and perched on the highest point of the island, Fairmont Southampton Hotel overlooks the surrounding lush tropical gardens, pink sandy beaches and its own 18-hole lush golf course.

We spent four great nights at the Fairmont Southampton and enjoyed the beautiful views of the bay from the balcony every morning. Lots of sports and leisure activities including some of Bermuda’s finest dining are all here in this 100-acre luxury estate.

The resort has its own private beach and beach club steps away from the main lobby. They have an impressive art collection as well. We loved how everything was pink – from the golf carts to the shuttles.  Even though Bermuda is located closer to North America than Britain, it definitely has a European vibe to it. Bermuda has long been a British colony in the past and we saw a lot of British influence in Bermudian culture including the clothing and dress code.

Unlike in the US, Bermuda, in general, follows more conservative attire and clothing customs. Men were in their sports jackets or polo shirts for dinner and women in nice dresses. I particularly loved the men’s fashion. They were so dapper in their Bermuda shorts, jackets and long socks — so Bermudian!

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The Restaurants at Fairmont Southampton Bermuda

The resort boasts of nine restaurants and eateries with unique cuisine and ambiance, and a great spa. We ate all our dinners at the resort.  The Ocean Club overlooking the bay was our favorite.  It is open only for dinner and you can show up in your swim cover-up or seersucker.

Restaurants at Fairmont Southampton Bermuda - OutsideSuburbia.com
A seat for two with the best ocean views!

The mild Atlantic ocean breeze was caressing us in our borrowed pashminas as we enjoyed our sundowners, listening to the breaking waves as our soundtrack. My friends enjoyed the seafood — the Prawn Curry and over Jasmine rice was exceptional said one of them while I devoured the Tomato Artichoke tart filled with Bermuda farmed Goat cheese and caramelized onions.

We had late night snacks at Jasmine— the blacked Mahi-mahi tacos and flatbreads were pretty good.  We had dinner one night at the Italian restaurant Bacci – it was mediocre, nothing to write about.  I would skip that and try the Steakhouse, Waterlot Inn next time.

We loved soaking in the Jacuzzi late night under the stars.  The pool area was relatively quiet since we were there during the shoulder season and heard it is popular with kids come summer. Their Kids’ programs are exceptional offering art and craft lessons as well as beach toys to the kids. The hotel is the recipient of several awards including AAA Four Diamond Lodgings 2015, Frommer’s Exceptional and others.

The Beach at Fairmont Southampton Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay located right next to the resort’s private beach is Bermuda’s most famous beach, and it’s one of the best for families. Unlike most island beaches, Horseshoe Bay has a lifeguard on duty from May to September.  We took the resort’s shuttle to the beach and walked over to the horseshoe bay beach pretty much every day.  The sand was a soft pink — a result of millions of tiny read sea creatures that have been crushed by the powerful waves of the mid-Atlantic ocean. 

Beach at Fairmont Southampton Bermuda - OutsideSuburbia.com
Horseshoe Bay Bermuda

The South Shore has the best pink sand beaches.  The resort also has its own private beach lined with lounge chairs and umbrellas. Church Bay in Southampton Parish is the best for snorkeling. Just off the narrow beach, the shallow reef has a multitude of parrotfish, sergeant majors and angelfish, with the pink sand reflecting from below.  Just keep your eye out for the occasional barracuda or the Portuguese man of war which is a jellyfish that stings, and head back to land if you see one.  We did see one of those jellyfishes washed up on the shore.

A few tips for your Bermuda Girls Getaway

Bermuda packs a punch for such a small island. Comprising seven interlinked islands and a few islets, Bermuda is 1000km east of the US coast. Since first colonized in 1612, its allegiance has been firmly to the UK. Many Americans think it’s quaintly English; Brits often find it rather American. Learn a little Bermudanin, use water sparingly it is called liquid gold since they depend on the rain.

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Bermuda beaches are like no other, dotted with black rocks against an aquamarine ocean and soft pink – yes really pink sand beaches.  I didn’t really believe it till I actually saw it.

The pink sand is the result of millions of tiny red sea creatures, such as clams, mollusks as well as other invertebrates, that have been crushed by the powerful waves of the mid-Atlantic ocean. When they wash up on the beach, they blend with the sand, turning it into an amazing pink color. 

Wash your hands after if you play in the sand and do not try to bring it home. But do not collect samples of pink sand from the beaches. It’s not allowed. To take back home a sample of pink sand, you can visit souvenir shops that sell small bottles filled with pink sands.

Fairmont Southampton Bermuda - OutsideSuburbia.com

The South Shore has the best pink sandy beaches and pretty coves.  Horseshoe Bay is considered Bermuda’s most popular pink sand beach.  Located in Southampton parish. The beach has been consistently ranked among the top beaches of the world by various international magazines.

The beach is so named because of its crescent shape and is one of the longest uninterrupted beaches in Bermuda, approximately 1/3 mile in length.  If you plan to spend some time in the secluded coves, bring your own towels and a picnic lunch.  We didn’t see any refreshment stands around.


Visit Flatts village, a sleepy picturesque village in the island full of history. We stop here for lunch.  My friends had some stacked fish sandwiches on raisin bread with a slathering of tartar, a local favorite. You can visit the World’s smallest drawbridge in Sandys called the Somerset Bridge. The cave and rock formations in Crystal Cave or Fantasy Cave are another popular attraction.

Royal Naval Dockyard is located at Sandys parish and at the western tip of the island is another tourist attraction. This is where all the large cruise ships dock. Once a Royal Navy base, it’s now a large complex with attractions like the National Museum of Bermuda and markets where you can buy crafts and souvenirs.

What to see around Town in Bermuda

There is a complimentary ferry ride from the dock at the Waterlot to the Hamilton Princess, the resort’s sister property.  We availed this and went into town and spent an afternoon discovering the charming capital city of Hamilton.  We had wanted to go to high tea while we were there,  but we got distracted with the Rum Swizzles at Devil’s Isle café and had to cancel our tea plans at the Hamilton Princess.  The falafels,  truffle fries and sweet potato fries we had with our Rum swizzles at the café was delicious. 

You can't rent cars in Bermuda, rent these instead
You can’t rent cars in Bermuda, rent these instead

We heard good things about the Pickled onion as well. Forgot to mention the breakfast we had at The Spot,  their omelets and raisin bread was spot on.  We met the friendly owner Tom who came around to say hello.  You can’t hire cars in Bermuda, you can rent mopeds or scooters though.  Taxis were available everywhere.

Since our trip was short and knowing very well if we were left to our own means we won’t discover 400 years of history of the island in a short 4 days, we went on a tour with Heidi with Byway tours to visit St. George, Gibbs lighthouse and some of the beautiful bays of Bermuda.

See here for all the best things to do in Bermuda.

Fairmont Southampton Bermuda - OutsideSuburbia.com
Bermuda - OutsideSuburbia.com

Have you been to Bermuda?  Is it on your bucketlist, if not you should add it now and go visit the Pink sand beaches!

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  1. This is one of the popular and beautiful beach for planning a tour with family. I am very excited after knowing more about this beach. Thanks for the information and making me knowledgeable.

  2. Love Bermuda, my friends used to live near Elbow beach and they took us for dinner at Southampton. Fairmont is lovely and we spent a lot of time exploring on our mopeds! Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes and giving me good memories!

  3. Bermuda is a beautiful Island and Fairmont always has beautiful properties. it seems like a good match. When we visited we were in port on a cruise ship for a few days. It was a nice compromise because Bermuda is expensive even as islands go. We could use the beaches, site-see and eat lunch out, but it was nice to sleep and have breakfast and dinner back onboard.

    1. We have never done a cruise, that sounds like a great idea where you could experience the beaches and port during the day.

  4. I’ve been to Bermuda twice, but never for a girlfriends getaway. I can imagine that it would be a great getaway with friends though. We stayed at Hamilton Princess (this was years ago), rented a moped and toured the entire island in like 2 hours, and I recall passing by Fairmont Southampton which was being renovated at the time. Bermuda is definitely one of my favorite places in the world, and I’d love to make a return trip sometime soon.

  5. I stayed at the Fairmont Southhampton when I was attending a travel conference and just wish I could have stayed longer. The beaches are really beautiful and the Fairmont Southampton is the best hotel choice I’d agree. Rooms are very large and mine came with a fantastic view.

  6. Looks like a good tip for a place to stay in Bermuda. I hadn’t really thought about it before but the beaches look inviting and the food sounds delectable!

  7. I love a place that follows through on its theme no matter how pink 🙂 It looks like you chose a perfect spot for a girls getaway.

  8. I have to admit I haven’t given Bermuda a lot of thought as a vacation spot. But, I have met people who have been there and they love the island. Judging by your photos, I have to say it is a gorgeous place. Great it worked out for you and your friends.

  9. My friend was just in Bermuda and her pictures were absolutely breathtaking! Now I know where I’d like to stay when I visit 🙂

  10. The resort looks amazing! Prawn Curry and over Jasmine rice…yes, please! You’ve made me so hungry right now.

  11. It’s been so many years since I visited Bermuda. Thanks for bringing back the memories by sharing your experience. Nice post.

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