Sand castles and Sunsets in Jamaica

We took a family trip to Jamaica during the Winter break a few years ago.  We stayed at Riu Negril, it was a beautiful property with turquoise waters and white sand beaches.  We enjoyed the early morning walks, relaxing while the kids played table tennis or volleyball or built sandcastles, and watching the sunsets!  After Sunset we would eat dinner at one of the a la carte restaurants that required a reservation.   At night, you can dance to the best Jamaican beats at the Pacha club or listen to the live music or entrainment that they put together, which is cheesy but catchy. We did a trip to see Jamaica’s natural wonders of mangroves and to YS Falls. Set amid the lush landscape of St Elizabeth parish, YS Falls stands 120 feet tall and provides a naturally beautiful place to cool off and play in the water. Swim in the cascading pools and swing through the air like Tarzan.  Miss Tween was our daredevil who swung like a Tarzan and jumped into the natural pool.  We saw crocodiles sunning when we went on the boat tour to the mangroves.

Beautiful pools and property of Riu Negril

Morning walks and lazing around by the beach

Crab peekaboo

Sandcastle with garden, lake and a hill – designed and executed by the kiddos 🙂

Glass bottom boat ride to see the fish

Some jet ski time, riding the waves in the ocean

Ya mon! Do you like my look?!
Waiting for the sunset while playing lifeguard

Another day, another beautiful Sunset at Riu Negril

A boat tour to go see the Mangroves
Crocodiles sunning
Water hyacinth

Looking for more crocodiles in the Mangroves

Always make time for some fresh coconut water when in the Caribbean

Miss Daredevil jumping into the natural pool

YS Waterfalls

Rick's café Sunset - must stop by for a cocktail and watch the sunset if you are in Jamaica.
Rick’s café Sunset – must stop by for a cocktail and watch the sunset if you are in Jamaica.

Santa comes on a boat here, since reindeers can’t swim I guess! 

Have you been to Jamaica?  Which is your favorite family beach destination?

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