Photo Diary: Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm in Maui

You probably know that I never miss an opportunity to frolic in fragrant lavender fields and that is exactly what we did on the day we were visiting Haleakala. We stopped at Ali’i Kula Maui Lavender Farm in Upcountry for lavender scones, and coffee and were rewarded with beautiful gardens and panoramic views of the entire western half of the island.

Maui Lavender Farm | Outside Suburbia

A Lavender Farm in Maui

Nestled on the slopes of Haleakala National Park, the Kula Lavender Farm is an off-the-beaten-path Hawaiian treasure that rivals the fragrant purple fields of Provence (we have Lavender Fields in Texas too). Don’t miss a visit here! You can admire over 55,000 lavender plants, olive trees, pale blue hydrangea flowers, and roses. Though lavender is not native to Maui, the plant thrives here because of the dry climate and blooms year-round.

Kula Maui Lavender Farm | Outside Suburbia

Agriculturalist Ali’i Chang was given lavender in 2001 by a dear friend and used it to start what is today Maui Lavender Farm.

Lavender Ridge Farms, #Lavender in #Texas near #Dallas
I was so busy taking in everything else and missed taking good photos of the Lavender. This one is from a visit to a Lavender field in Texas

Lavender is truly one of the best and most versatile herbs there is — the herbs can relieve pain and tension, enhance blood circulation, and even treat respiratory problems. The sweet, soothing smell always puts me in a good mood!

Maui Lavender Farm | Outside Suburbia

We spent an afternoon exploring the Maui Lavender Farm. The drive through Upcountry Maui is gorgeous, the scenery feels like you are somewhere in a mountain resort like Ooty or Switzerland. Walking around on the farm was so peaceful with pretty blooms everywhere — lemons, climbing roses, olive trees and we even saw a few King Protea blooms (something I missed out on last time we were in Kirstenbosch Gardens in South Africa).

Photos from our day at Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm in Maui

I loved that I finally got to see King Protea blooms!

My other love: Hydrangeas! Loved that these were purple to match the lavenders. See how you can change Hydrangea bloom colors.

Visit the Ali’i Kula Maui Lavender Farm Gift Shop

Don’t forget to stop by the farm’s gift shop at Ali’i Kula Maui Lavender Farm. You can buy some scones and lavender latte or tea to enjoy on the terrace. Browse the gift shop for a variety of souvenirs and treasures, they have a great collection of soaps, lotions, aromatherapy products, and apparel, or purchase culinary items like teas and scone mixes. Everything is made using the farm’s lavender!

Maui Lavender Farm | Outside Suburbia

Bring home some culinary lavender to try making a Lavender Earl Grey Creme Brûlée or any of these other Lavender recipes.

Maui Lavender Farm Address

Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm is open to the public only on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 10 am to 4 pm. Check their website for any updates and tour options.

Alii Kula Maui Lavender Farm | Outside Suburbia

Ali’i Kula Lavender
1100 Waipoli Road Kula, Hawaii
Phone: 808.878.3004

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