Dog Sledding & Skiing in Tahoe

Have you ever ridden a sled pulled by a team of huskies flying over the snow? That’s what we did in Tahoe, yes you read it right not Alaska, not Iceland or Finland – Dog Sledding in Lake Tahoe!

Dog Sledding in Tahoe

Dog Sledding in Tahoe

A sled dog musher and a team of dogs took us for an exciting winter adventure. The ride was for about 2 hours. Since we were low to the ground, we wore the extra layers we brought along for the ski trip. And then covered ourselves with more blankets. It was a fun experience being pulled on the sled by the huskies along the spectacular Sierra Nevada mountains. The kids got to pet one of the husky puppies and wanted to bring him home.

Dog Sledding & Skiing in Tahoe
Dog Sledding in Tahoe
Dog Sledding in Tahoe
Dog Sledding & Skiing in Tahoe

Our first time Skiing in Tahoe

We tried skiing for the very time in Tahoe. Although I must mention the kids did much better than we did, we pretty much stayed on the bunny slopes. Getting out of those ski lifts gracefully was half the battle! Of all the Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts, I think Boreal Ridge Ski has something special going on. The family-friendly Boreal Ridge Ski Area is one of the smallest resorts at Lake Tahoe, but it’s still special. Boreal is relaxing, comfortable, and has friendly and helpful staff. Apart from a friendly staff, Boreal has a 600-foot super park and great food. We spent more time in the tube park, having snowball fights, making snow angels and riding snowmobiles!

Dharin Chandran Skiing in Tahoe

Additional Information

Dog Sledding in Tahoe is offered by a few operators. We booked ours with Wilderness Adventures Dog sled tours. Book early and dress warmly, since you are closer to the ground it does get very cold. Bring goggles, mittens and blankets. The tour was for about an hour or so and under the reigns of an experienced musher.  So bring the camera for capturing the winter scenery!  Rates are below, but call them for the current rates.

$75 for children under 60 pounds
$125 for adults and children over 60 pounds

See Boreal Mountain California for planning your skiing trip in Tahoe.



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