Road trip : For a slice of Key lime pie in Key West

How far would you go to find the very best slice of Key lime pie?

While visiting Miami for a few days we had this idea of driving up to Key West for a slice of their famous Key lime pie.  Our kids love the sweet and sour taste of it so much we decide to go on a road trip to get a taste of the best slice of pie at the very source! The 150-mile drive from Miami to Key West is one of the great American road trips, that takes you off the mainland and through the Ocean Highway to the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys feels like a world away from the vibe of Miami, it almost feels like you are somewhere in the Caribbean.


On the way we stopped at the famous Tiki bar to get some rum runners and lunch while soaking in the view. 


Iguana sighting

Somewhere along the way Mr. Suburbia who watches way too much Sci-Fi movies thought he saw a UFO. One minute he was driving down the highway to Florida Keys, and the next he stopped got his camera out to get a closer look at the motionless and metallic object he saw high in the sky, that looked like a UFO.  He kept tracking the object and driving again till he stopped at one of the parking lots nearby, stopped a local who was getting into his car with some supplies from a hardware store to ask – “Sir, do you see that shiny object in the sky?” For which the man quietly replied – “you mean the blimp!”.  We later read online that the shiny UFO in fact is a inflatable blimp, called Fat Albert a radar aerostat that the US Drug Enforcement Administration uses to keep an eye on shipping hereabouts. Fat Albert has been out of commission these days. Mr. Suburbia is still not convinced though, he thinks it was shiny, motionless and didn’t move like a blimp, we still tease him about it!

IMG_3271 - Version 2

Our first stop in Key West was at this bright concrete buoy that marks the Southern most point of US. As you probably know Key West, Florida is a tropical island city that lies in the southernmost point of the continental United States.

IMG_3264 - Version 2

End of Highway 1, We had to get a photo with the 0 Mile marker! Driving down south on the Florida Keys on the Florida Scenic Highway 1, the mile markers descend in numbers like a rolling countdown and eventually end at Mile Marker 0 in Key West.


Key West was home to famous Writers and Presidents like Ernest Hemingway and President Harry S Truman.  We visited the Ernest Hemingway house that now is a museum. He wrote many of his best-known novels in this house, surrounded by his books and his large tribe of cats. Among the things he abandoned in the house, when he left for Cuba was a little sculpture of a cat, given to him by Picasso.  We saw his writing desk, furniture and other items like his hat and also some posters of his work on the wall.

IMG_3249 IMG_3250

Quality time with the Ernest Hemming cats



We loved walking through the historic district and seeing all the colorful houses. There were chicken running around the streets and fresh coconut water stands, so we got a few fresh coconuts…So yummy and refreshing!

Road trip : For a slice of Key lime pie in Key West

Then it was time for the yummy Key Lime pie in all of the land – at Roof Top Café! My kids vouch that this was the best slice they have ever tasted and still talk about it every time they get to eat a slice of key lime pie!



Then it was time to drive back to Miami – Oops, need to find another route!


The highest, longest and altogether most spectacular crossing is the Seven Mile Bridge linking Marathon with the Lower Keys. It was a thrill to drive across this part of the highway with magnificent view of the waters, and also of the so-called ‘parallel bridge’, the remains of the railroad line that was built at the turn of the last century to link the Keys to the mainland. The railroad was destroyed in a hurricane in 1935 – there are portions of the half-drowned, with some gaps and arches that still remain.


We caught some sunset through the clouds on the way back from Key West! It was mission accomplished!!

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