6 Enchanting Places You Must Visit in Himachal Pradesh

6 Enchanting Places You Must Visit in Himachal Pradesh by Rohit Agarwal

Radically popular and adventurous, Himachal Pradesh is a destination that many travelers long to explore. Abundant with exquisite natural beauty, the name of the state literally translates to “At the lap of the Himalayas”. The majestic and stoic presence of the mighty Himalayas lures in an old world charm that is hard to pass by. Exceptionally well governed and hygienic, the state is the second least corrupt in the country and the tourism department has shrewdly transformed tourist experiences to meet European standards. The sights to behold here will be etched in your memory and the experiences will rejuvenate you to better days. Here are some places that you must not miss.

1. Solang Valley

At Solang Valley, adventure awaits every step of the way. The gorgeous meadow slopes here are home to exciting zorbing experiences and is replaces by skiing slopes in winter when it snows generously. Parachuting and paragliding are popular, and why would it not be. Gliding across the formidable landscape and witnessing a bird’s eye view of the lush Solang Valley is incredibly hard to resist, and understandably so. All in all, Solang Valley is truly a destination that deserves its attention, with quaint villages and infectious smiles, happiness is an adrenaline rush away.

Outside Suburbia - Himachal Pradesh

Photo by Saad Faruque, CC BY 2.0

2.  Kullu Manali

Magnetic and enthralling, Manali is a destination that is longed for like a lover from the past. The Manali highway is known to be an exciting route by itself and in this case, the destination lives up to the journey. Lush Himalayas and joyful inhabitants will make your stay worthwhile where you cannot help but relax and introspect. As a high altitude resort destination, it has a curious reputation of being a backpacking center for world travelers. Manali is graced by the hasty River Beas that is so picturesque, the landscape is all the more soothing because of it.

Outside Suburbia - Himachal Pradesh

Photo by Balaji Photography, CC BY 2.0

3. Shimla

As the capital of the State, Shimla has much to offer for travelers besides just being a quaint hill station. Previously a summer capital during the British Raj, there are various Colonial buildings that blend in with the old world charm of Shimla. During winter, one cannot help but be awed by its cold beauty and during summer, there is nowhere else as calming in the country. Whether you behold the mountains from the Ridge or spend a quiet afternoon at Annandale, you will feel at home in Shimla’s tranquility.

Outside Suburbia - Himachal Pradesh

Photo by Dheeraj Dwivedi, CC BY 2.0

4. Dharamsala

As the centre of the Tibetan exiles of the world, Dharamsala retains much of the Tibetan culture and eccentricities. Steep slopes and lush forests are common sightings in this destination, where Buddhism is at its best. The hiking trails in McLeodGanj are some of the most challenging but the Triund hill, a one day trek in the upper reaches of McLeodGanj, is known as the Jewel of Dharamsala. Time spent here is a spiritual journey in itself, where every corner offers gorgeous views and terrains.

Outside Suburbia - Himachal Pradesh

Photo by J. Knox, CC BY 2.0

5. Spiti Valley

A mountain desert and sparsely populated, the Spiti Valley is a Buddhist Centre with awe-inspiring scenery. Massive Himalayan ranges and severe terrain, this valley is a must-see destination in Himachal Pradesh. Quaint archways and smiling monks add that charming quality to this location. The Ki Monastery and the Tabo Monastery here are some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries in the country that are visited by the Dalai Lama himself. The Spiti River rushes across this formidable landscape and makes you wonder at the beauty the Himalayas has to offer.

Outside Suburbia - Himachal Pradesh

Photo by Vikash Prasad, CC BY 2.0

6. Rohtang Pass

Himachal Pradesh is host to some of the most scenic Himalayan ranges and is well complimented with exciting adventure sports. All in all, this state is an incredible destination that will suit anybody’s needs, from romantic honeymooners to adrenaline junkies.

Speculated to be one the oldest passes in the Himalayas still in use, the Rohtang pass offers some of Himachal’s best. Accessible only half the year, there are snow storms and blizzards that are known to be dangerous amongst Himalayan adventurers. The Rohtang pass is at a curious geographical location, since it provides a physical bridge between the Hindu dominated Manali and the mainly Buddhist Spiti. With the Beas River in the south and the Chandra River in the north, this pass has some of the most enchanting terrains in the state.

Outside Suburbia - Himachal Pradesh

Photo by Achiwiki356, CC BY-SA 3.0

Author: Rohit

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  1. Rohtang Pass looks amazing! I love vast landscapes and this looks like the perfect place. You mentioned this pass splits the two religious regions – are there any bad feelings and weird in-fighting? I can’t imagine so because both are truly peaceful…
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