A summery day in Capri by Arjun Jagada

A summery day in Capri by 7th grader Arjun Jagada, who went on an Italian family vacation this summer.


Capri- lemons A summery day in Capri

Capri is a beautiful island, just off the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Capri is a great way to spend a day, with shops ranging from street vendors and grocery stores, to Burberry.  There are a couple main modes of transportation to and from, the island.  You can rent a boat, with a sailor, or you can be captain yourself! There are also ferries, every 20 minutes, which they say are cheap, but 4 tickets amounted to about 200 Euros! (Bad luck that we had just missed the exchange rate falling!) Once on the island, you can take a tram up to the highest part of the island. The tram goes up at a 45 degree angle, and you get some amazing views on the way up. Capri is pretty spectacular! To beat the heat, you can eat some of the world’s finest gelato! The best we had was at R. Buonocore. The lines to get in were all the way down the street! You can walk around Capri, putting a gaping hole in your wallet, boosting its economy! The lemons there are fantastic! Be sure you pick up a Limoncello, the perfect blend of fresh lemon and ice! Those were quite appetizing! If you’re sick of eating Italian food, or crave it, Capri makes sure you don’t go home hungry! Ciao!

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