Photo Blog of Bora Bora: 20 Stunning Photos that will have you packing your bags

Bora Bora is one of those breathtakingly beautiful places that capture your heart the minute you set sight on her.  Every time we talk about our visit, the kids faces light up and they want to plan a trip again soon.  We just love looking at our pictures from the trip and there are literally thousands of them that I took – it was that picturesque. 

Pictures speak a thousand words, here are 20 of my favorite pictures from Bora Bora. I was going to do 10 Photos that will have you packing your bags to Bora Bora and couldn’t narrow down to just 10 photos!! This photo blog of Bora Bora might induce some serious wanderlust and have you packing your bags, so proceed with caution 😉

A Photo blog of Bora Bora 

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20 Stunning Photos Bora Bora

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13 thoughts on “Photo Blog of Bora Bora: 20 Stunning Photos that will have you packing your bags”

  1. We are actually planning a trip to Bora Bora these days and these photos gives us some serious wanderlust! Beautiful! Can’t wait to go! Need to continue reading about the hotel

  2. WOW! You weren’t kidding. Those photos are stunning. I must admit that I wanted to go to Bora Bora before, but I want to be there NOW!

  3. Gorgeous photos of Bora Bora. Really helps inspire me since I have not been to this beautiful place.

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