How to save money when Parking at DFW Airport

How we get to and from the DFW Airport from the suburbs has changed over the years!  Gone are the days of taxis, making arrangements last minute and catching a ride with Uber or Lyft seems to be the norm these days.  But did you know you can save significantly if you plan a little ahead and pay for terminal parking at the DFW Airport in advance?  DFW International Airport’s Prepaid Parking option can save you some money that you can use on your vacation instead – upgrade to a room with a view or get a pretty dress for that beach dinner date. Here is how you can save some money when parking at DFW Airport.

Parking at the DFW Airport

About DFW International Airport

DFW airport is situated between Dallas and Fort Worth and is so large it has its own zip code, city designation of DFW Airport, TX.  At 17,207 acres, with 7 runways and 5 terminals, every major city in the continental United States can be accessed within four hours. You can get to 249 Destinations (188 domestic, 61 international) from the DFW Airport.

DFW is one of the well-designed airports that you will come across during your travels. Believe us from Hong Kong, Madrid to London to Chennai, we have been through a few airports!  The DFW airport even has free Wi-Fi for visitors in all terminals, parking garages and gate-accessible areas.

See some of the airlines we have flown from DFW Airport.

Prepaid Parking at the DFW Airport
The short crosswalk between the gates and the parking at Terminal D

DFW Airport Parking

There are several parking options available at the DFW Airport:

Offsite Dallas Fort Worth Airport Parking at the facilities are available couple of miles from the airport.  You have to take one of their on-demand shuttle to and from the DFW Airport terminals.

DFW Dallas Fort Worth Airport has valet parking. Valet parking is available at any of the five terminals at the DFW Dallas Fort Worth Airport. This is pretty expensive though, you will pay $31 plus tax for a day.

A  cheaper option is the DFW Airport Express Parking, where you will pay around $12 for 24 hours in any of 7,000 parking spaces available.

Then there is the DFW Airport Remote Parking Lot which is located at opposite ends of the airport, 24 hours of parking here at any of the 4,800 parking spaces will cost you about $10.

Some of the best and most accessible parking are the DFW Airport Terminal parking spots. There are 20000 total parking spaces available in the DFW Airport, all conveniently located right next to the five DFW terminals.  You can park directly at DFW Airport and take advantage of the ideally situated Terminal parking spots. Save time with a short walk to your gate.

How to save some money when Parking at DFW Airport

Now you can pre-pay for the DFW Airport parking! With a little planning, you can save up to 50% off the cost of drive-up parking. DFW Prepaid Parking runs many specials to help customers save more than 50% off.  This option is available for the terminal, express, and remote parking.  You can simply choose and pay for parking online ahead of time. And there will be no surge pricing with Prepaid Parking!

DFW Airport is running a special sale: parking is only $9.99/day when you prepay on DFW Airport Parking. Book between 2/22 – 4/5 for travel between 3/4 – 8/21. Must book a minimum of 7 days in advance.  Perfect for those spring and summer travels!

Benefits of Prepaid parking at the DFW Airport

Save Money, If you live far enough away from DFW it doesn’t make financial sense to take a cab, Uber or Lyft. Prepaid Terminal Parking is often cheaper than other forms of transportation to the airport.

Save Time, When you land back at DFW your car is waiting for in the Terminal right outside your gate. No need to wait for someone to pick you up and you don’t have to call on an Uber or Taxi. Prepaid Terminal Parking saves time for both Business trips and Family Trips.

Reliable, Sometimes finding a Uber, Lyft, or cab at your location is hard (specially in the suburbs) or other issues can prevent you from getting to your gate on time. With Prepaid Parking, you don’t have to rely on others to get you there.

Hassle Free, Somehow you always end up with lot more things to take to the airport when you have little kids. You can’t forget those car seats and everyone’s favorite snacks. Prepaid Terminal parking is a hassle-free way to get your family to and from DFW Airport.

Easy, Pay online, Park directly at DFW Airport and take advantage of the ideally situated Terminal parking spots, get to your gate with just a short walk… Easy!

How to save some money when Parking at DFW Airport
Photo by DFW Airport

Additional Information

More information about parking at DFW International Airport can be found here and don’t forget to make use of this Spring/Summer Parking discount

  • Book between 2/22 – 4/5 for travel between 3/4 – 8/21
  • $9.99/day when you prepay on DFW Airport Parking
  • Must book a minimum of 7 days in advance 

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