Why we Love American Airlines Premium Economy: A Family Review

I will be the first to admit, when it comes to spending money on airline tickets, I tend to find the cheapest fare possible rather than the most comfortable way to get there.  On the other hand, Mr. Suburbia likes to arrive at the destination well-rested and ready for business.  So when he travels for the business trips he flies Business class and when we go on holidays, we fly Coach. I try to reason with him saying that I would rather have that money to spend on other experiences when traveling like a nice meal or a pretty souvenir.  At six feet tall and much bigger built than my petite frame, he could use the extra space and comfort that the premium classes provide but I’m always hesitant to fork up the $$$ for it for a family trip. That was till American Airlines introduced their Premium Economy seats.  Just a few hundred dollars more than the economy seats, they are a game-changer! The primary and most obvious benefit of purchasing a premium economy seat is increased legroom and sometimes a bit wider seats, but the service and the meals are so much better too. They don’t offer premium economy passengers the same level of airport service as a business- or first-class passengers, but there are many perks and we love it.

American Airlines Premium Economy Review #PremiumEconomy #AmericanAirlines
Photo by American Airlines

What Is Premium Economy?

Premium economy class is a relatively new class of service within the airline industry, offering an alternative to an economy class that isn’t as expensive as upgrading to first or business. It usually refers to a section toward the front of the economy seating area in which the rows are spaced farther apart, and in some cases, the seats are wider.

Premium Economy American Airlines Seats Review #PremuimEconomy #AmericanAirlines
Photo by American Airlines

Here is why we Love Premium Economy in American Airlines

You can speed through check-in, security and boarding at the airport and get your checked bags first when you land.

While frequent-flyer programs often significantly cut the miles you earn for discounted economy-class fares, premium economy passengers earn at least 100% of miles flown. Plus, you’ll get bonus mileage in many cases,

You get more legroom and wider, adjustable leather seats with extendable foot and headrests. You arrive at your destination rested and ready.

Food in Premium Economy in American Airlines #AmericanAirlines #Review #PremiumEconomy
Breakfast served in Premium Economy

You are served chef-inspired meal with free beer, wine and spirits. Premium Economy meals are healthy, delicious and customized to your travel. Menus vary depending on when and where you’re traveling and they are served with proper silverware and on nice plates.

You can get comfortable with a complimentary amenity kit, like a pillow and blanket. Free, personal on-demand entertainment with larger monitors and noise-reducing headphones. Plus, every seat includes power outlets and USB ports. Wi-Fi is available on almost all routes for as little as $10.

With up to six inches additional legroom and Group 1 preferred boarding, decent meals – 3 top reasons WE LOVE PREMIUM ECONOMY AMERICAN AIRLINE seats which most often is our airline of choice since we are based in Dallas and it is the hub for AA. The few extra dollars spent on the premium economy seats go a long way and I don’t feel guilty about splurging on four tickets for the family. American also offers Choice Essential (offering a checked bag and Group 1 boarding) and Choice Plus (which includes no change fee, additional miles, a beverage and same-day flight changes) at the time of booking.  Prices typically range from $20 to $159.

Here is a roundup of the premium economy offerings of the other major U.S. domestic airlines, as well as a sampling of international carriers.

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