Berg Restaurant Iceland: Best Icelandic Lamb soup

Not being a big fan of hotdogs that Iceland is so famous for, I wanted to find the best restaurants in Iceland that served authentic Icelandic fare. We might have found just that at Berg Restaurant near Vik in Iceland. Conveniently located inside our hotel in Vik, where we stayed – the restaurant serves primarily Icelandic cuisine with an emphasis on seafood.  Berg means mountains, a word that symbolizes the powerful forces from which the beautiful nation of Iceland was formed and from where the ingredients for the meals at the restaurant are sourced.

Berg Icelandair Hotel Vik

With touches of blue on the table and fabulous views of the black sea and the Reynisdrangar Pillars, the restaurant was beautiful. According to Icelandic legend, the Reynisdrangar Pillars or needles are the remains of 2-night trolls, who tried to pull a three-masted ship to land. But they were caught by the dawn and when daylight broke they turned into stone.

Berg Restaurant

Icelanders will tell you their lamb is better than any other lamb in the world, and it is really that good. Probably because they let their sheep merrily roam free in the highlands and valleys to munch on grass before being corralled in the winter. The result of such a luxurious life is very tender meat. The food at Berg was really nice, locally sourced, cooked creatively and presented exquisitely, the staff was friendly and top-notch. D vouches that he had the best Icelandic Lamb soup here at Berg!

Berg Restaurant at Icelandair Hotel Vik

Berg had a great selection of wine and we started with the suggested appetizer plate, Taste of Iceland – arctic char mouse, smoked lamb and a sundried tomato mouse. We also tried the Shrimp cocktail with Salmon caviar and some Oyster Mushrooms cooked with thyme. For dinner, the kids each had the bacon-wrapped chicken while I had their Vegan Ratatouille.  Hubby loved the Salmon filet with lemon shrimps and asparagus.

We ended our meal with the Berg cake served with some delightful pop rocks and a chocolate cake served with local icecream.  The meal was a little on the expensive side but then again everything in Iceland seems to be. A couple of days later while he was having lamb soup at another restaurant, D was craving for the meaty lamb soup served on a clean broth with root vegetables.  I probably should write to them and ask for the recipe and some of that naturally organic, grass-fed, free-range, no hormone-free meat.

More photos from Berg Restaurant in Iceland

You can find the restaurant website and menu here.

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4 thoughts on “Berg Restaurant Iceland: Best Icelandic Lamb soup”

  1. All the local food I ate in Iceland was really delicious and presented in a way that was very pretty. All of it was in stylish Reykjavic restaurants. so none of it was inexpensive and it wasn’t “home cooking.” Still they do have good ingredients and know what to do with them. #wkendtravelinspiration

  2. What a fabulous looking meal! That’s the kind of one-of-a-kind experience that keeps Iceland high up on my list of places to go. Nice photos!

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