10 Reasons to Plan an Autumn Road Trip

Autumn is an excellent time of year to do something new. Because the world is changing around you, it’s the perfect occasion to drink in those changes and try something different, like an autumn road trip!

Road trips are great for seeing new parts of an area you love. Take time for a vacation because fall is the best opportunity to have a road trip that’ll change your life in all the best ways.

10 Reasons to Plan an Autumn Road Trip | OutsideSuburbia.com

10 Reasons to Plan an Autumn Road Trip

1. Something to Cross Off Your List

When you go on an autumn road trip, you can officially cross certain destinations off your bucket list. Since the leaves will be changing colors, you’ll get to experience small towns and large cities in a unique way. Whether you want to tackle a cross-country road trip or stay within your state, you can take this opportunity to do something you may have only dreamed of — take a trip without one set destination with your loved ones.

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2. You’ll Bond With Others

When you’re in a car with other people, you have no choice but to bond. A road trip could be just the activity to bring a family back together. With kids having just started school, they might have plenty to talk about during the driving portions of your road trip. Even if the people on your journey are all adults, you can find something to discuss in your busy lives.

Spending time with people helps foster a bond and makes others realize they can rely on you as much as you lean on them. Creating good memories and holding deep conversations with people is how to improve bonds, relationships and friendships. When you’re out of the car, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to know your loved ones better as you explore new areas.

3. Memorable Photoshoots

Everyone loves photos. Whether you want them for lasting memories in an album or the latest image on your social media feed, your whole crew can benefit from the boost of confidence that a fall photoshoot brings.

Since autumn results in so many bold colors and fun backdrops, you’ll find endless options for autumn photoshoots in one of the destinations you reach. Try to take a group photo every time you get to a new destination. The pictures will be something you can treasure after the trip — a memory that will keep you going until the next time you can go on vacation.

Remember to be present and mindful during your trip, though. Prioritze enjoying the sites with your eyes before you look at them through your phone screen.

10 Reasons to Plan a Fall Road Trip | OutsideSuburbia.com

4. You’ll Feast Your Eyes

One of the best reasons to take a road trip in the fall rather than the spring or summer is there are so many beautiful colors you can only see for a couple of months each year. Throughout the year, most of the world is green, but you’ll see an explosion of reds and golds and oranges during autumn in most places. It’s something different from what you usually see in an area you typically don’t visit.

Plus, spring isn’t the only time that flowers are in bloom. Rich, bold colors typically mark autumn flowers. The variety of flowers you’ll see depends on the regions you travel to, as some flowers may still be enjoying warmer weather and others might be thriving in colder temperatures. Downtown areas may have started landscaping for fall, including planting florals that complement the season. The places you’ll pass through will be gorgeous and worth every effort to get there.

5. You’ll See New Places

The point of a road trip is to travel to places you’ve never gone to before. When planning your road trip, make sure to visit towns you’ve heard great things about and have wanted to travel to but have never been able. The aim of going to new areas is to find something that makes it memorable and may make you want to revisit with your loved ones again. Going to locations you’ve never been broadens your horizons and keeps you wanting to travel and see more.

Fall colors in Dallas Fort Worth

6. It’ll Improve Your Health

Traveling and road tripping with loved ones can actually get your health better. When you are away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, you may find your stress melting away. Many people take vacations to relax and unwind, so it might come as a surprise to learn even hectic road trips can decrease your stress.

Vacations can positively impact your mental health, but they can also be great for your physical health. Simply going on vacation could lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. You’re doing nothing but benefitting yourself by taking some time away from work or your home just to get out and go somewhere new with the people you love.

7. Accommodations May Be Cheaper

By traveling in the fall, you may find some destinations are cheaper. Many people go on big summer vacations, especially since children have freer schedules. Specific places like National Parks have potentially seen the boom of tourists fizzle out. You might also notice lodging options are cheaper in some areas as they attempt to get people to fill those rooms. Not every place will be less expensive than in summertime, but if you’re on a budget, you can look into areas where tourism is low in the fall.

8. You’ll Have Freedom

One of the main draws of road trips is you have to be okay with having a flexible schedule. These travels force you into a place where you can’t make solid plans because you don’t know what traffic or traffic patterns will look like. The forced flexibility can also give you a sense of freedom. Above all, you’re traveling and you’re in the moment — everything else can happen afterward.

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy

9. Apple Picking, Cider Pressing & Fall Festivals: The Possibilities Will Excite You

When you’re searching for areas to stop for the night, you might see fun things the surroundings offer. Some towns might conveniently have a fall festival when you’ll be passing through. Plan ahead and you can stop at an orchard for apple picking, cider pressing, or wander through the biggest corn maze in New England. If your fall road trip takes you to Vermont don’t miss the apple cider donuts!

Every road trip is different, so there are new possibilities and combinations every time you plan for one. Imagine how you’ll feel when you’re driving to the places you researched and experiencing the exhibitions and attractions you wanted to.

10. It Keeps You Mindful

Experiencing new things can help you reflect on your life and future. Something as simple as watching the leaves change color might make you realize just how important living is. Being out in nature boosts positive emotions, which can help you feel more down-to-earth and content in your life. Since you’re taking a fall road trip, you have an excellent opportunity to experience the outside world and the changing seasons. Pause to appreciate the beauty around you at every step of your journey.

Take a Break and Watch the Leaves Fall

No matter how grand the scale of your road trip, you can benefit from getting out of your home town and seeing a new perspective of autumn. A fall vacation on the road — whether expertly planned or spontaneous — will give you a break from the stressors of your daily life.

Though it might be more challenging than it sounds, try to let your worries fade away like the green on the trees. Spend as little time as possible focusing on any stress or problems at home. Your autumn road trip is the best opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and live fully in the moment.


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