10 Tips on How to Create Great Travel Videos

You do not need a reason to make a stunning travel video. The mere fact that you are traveling is reason enough to make a video. After all, how will the world know about the exotic destinations that you have already checked off from your bucket list? How will you relive those travel memories?

Tips on How to Create Great Travel Videos | Outside Suburbia

Travel videos are fun to make, but unfortunately, many individuals find them intimidating. And to an extent, they are intimidating, considering that there’s a lot that you need to capture. And above everything else, your videos should look clean, beautiful, and stunning. How is that even possible?

That’s possible if you go through the 10 tips below on how to create the most stunning travel videos:

Tips on How to Create Great Travel Videos

1. Choose an Online Platform

Choosing an online platform is important as different platforms have their very own video specifications. For example, a video made for a site will not suit the specifications of a video made for social media marketing channels.

Therefore, choosing a platform and a video format beforehand is very important. It will give you significant relief from the headaches you will have to go through later.

2. Take Inspiration

One of the best ways of creating stunning travel videos is by exploring the travel videos of some experts online. Proper research will help you erase the complex thoughts and confusion in your mind.

You will get a rational point where you can start your video. Consider research as a reference for your video-making assignment. Watching top-quality tour-based films and videos will not only help you in getting some of the most innovative ideas but will also inspire you to try out something different.

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3. Be Wise in Choosing Shooting Gear

Once you know the format of your travel video, it will get easier for you to pack the shooting gear you need for the job. The commonplace items for the project include microphones, cameras, lenses, SD cards, tripods, and various other things like drones, GoPro or other action cameras.

Travel videos are completely different from standard video content. Your equipment will change as you visit different places for the shoot. Getting mesmerizing footage will only be easy if you have the right equipment to capture great shots of the location.

4. Pick the Right Camera

Choosing a camera you are completely comfortable with is a wise decision. Also, ensure that the camera you have chosen is easy to use. Keep in mind that, you will come across instances when you will have to shoot something at very short notice during the trip.

Therefore, you must be comfortable with your camera, no matter whether you are using a DSLR or your iPhone. Nothing is wrong with using a smartphone if you have limited resources. These days you can shoot decent videos with just an iPhone!

The slow-mo feature available with most smartphones these days is great for making the clips look more cinematic. Using this feature efficiently and strategically will raise the quality of your video.

5. Add a Human Touch

The majority of the travel videos these days have speakers or anchors narrating events and places during a trip. Such videos are better than those where the audiences are left to themselves when it comes to cherishing the captured experiences.

Human beings love seeing characters on screen. Adding characters to your travel video will merely make any difference, but it will undoubtedly be better than seeing shots of places without any narration. That is monotonous, isn’t it?

While I have created a few travel videos, my goal for 2023 is to focus more on them and learn to be more efficient in creating them. I like to keep it short and simple. Plus I need to be brave and add my voice to the videos 🙂 Check out what we have so far and let me know your thoughts.

6. Keep Your Content Sweet and Short

These days, people online do not have a lot of time to spare. They get bored very easily and quickly. If you do not want to lose the attention of the viewers, avoid making your video lengthy.

Even the original clips within the video should be short, simple, and sweet. You can do this by using the right video editor. While condensing your travel video, ensure to give each shot some required amount of time.

7. Use Special Tricks in Editing Your Video

Editing has the power of turning day into night. But the problem is that it can work both fantastically and terrifically for you based on the way you use it. The proper shot arrangement is the key here and if you are clueless about this, start researching.

Go through related content online and seek ideas on editing your video in the right way. You even have the option of using the best free online video editor. They offer marvelous transitions, in-built music, and super-easy interfaces perfect for beginners.

Tips on How to Create Great Videos

8. Keep the Focus on Lighting

The lighting in a travel video is very important. The best rule here is to depend on natural light as much as possible. But then again, you will have to keep an eye on the right timing to grab natural light.

You will get some of the most stunning shots when the sun is low in the sky. Consider the positioning of the sun when starting to shoot a clip.

9. Be As Steady and As Smooth As Possible

Being steady while shooting a travel video means having steady hands, so you do not end up with blurred or unrecognizable shots. Make sure your shots appear as if you have taken them while floating in the air.

It works to check the camera settings before starting with the shoot. Make sure to get the camera settings right and perfectly match the environment you have chosen for the shoot. This will help you in avoiding unnecessary headaches later on.

10. Make Wise Use of Music

The audio is essential in your video. It should be there throughout the video but make sure you choose good quality music. You cannot include the original sound of the environment in your video. It will make the video look unprofessional and local.

Choose music that can put the whole video together and go for a theme you can depend on.


Travel videos are not just about capturing the best moments of your journey on camera. They are also a good way of refining your on-the-go video-making skills. Making travel videos will also give you the chance to experiment with a number of new approaches too. With the best tips on making travel videos, you can create visuals that avid travelers will find interesting and enticing too.

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