Trip Planning and Journaling

When kids are involved in the process of planning a trip, even if only parts of the itinerary, keeps them engaged and interested.  It could be doing a little research about the place that they are visiting on vacation, coming up with an activity or even a food to try get them excited for a trip.   Journaling or even talking about these during the planning stages are key to setting the expectations.  It makes sure everyone has a good experience and it is not just the parents dragging the kiddos through endless museums and ancient building that the kids have no clue about.  I don’t know about your kids but mine sure don’t read the big travel books that I like to pour through before an European vacation!  A little Google search or an age appropriate book, watching a movie shot in the city or country you will be traveling to helps them visualize the trip.  Bringing some coloring pages, a few stickers or a little journal to write things they see and experience might get them more interested in the culture, history, sights of the destination … who knows they might even suggest a museum or park that they would be interested in visiting.

We make a book at the end of each year with the photo, ticket stubs, maps and other notes to reminisce back

Small travel notebooks for the trip

Popup stickers or scrapbook stickers add to the fun

Journaling their experience during the vacation also helps them remember and relive the travel memories in the future.  You can buy a colorful notebook or buy some Travel journal through Etsy or download the printable here and use it as a journal. My younger kid would never remember anything beyond a year… we make yearly photo albums during the Christmas holidays that catalog the trips we take during the year.  Days we are stuck in Suburbia with nothing to do, we sift through these yearly journals which brings back the memories of the trip and the fun times we had.  We also have a fridge door full of magnets that we have collected over the years we love to look at everyday as well!

These journals are little time machines that help you go back in time. The photos in them are not just pictures but records of your life….

Download and print a fun little Journal Template here!

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