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“We love having our kids on trips with us. Seeing the world through their eyes is exciting. It is so much fun sharing the experience together. It connects families when we travel together and create lasting memories they will cherish forever. I’m not so sure if the trips we have taken will be nearly as exciting we didn’t have them along with us.   Anywhere we travel, we travel as a family other than the occasional girl’s trip or business trips. We try to go somewhere new, seek new adventures at least twice a year – since we still have to show up at our jobs and schools. Our yearly family trips are usually to places just about on everyone’s travel list, where we bond over a little history, some art and gastronomy.  Hopefully someday it will trips off the beaten path.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” Think of it as helping them read a few pages of this beautiful book called earth that we share with them and start them young!

Here are some picture from out travel over the years. We took our daughter to Antiqua when she was 2 and Paris, Rome, Netherlands when she was 3. We took a little break when our son was born and started to travel again when he was about 3. I think 3 is a good age to start taking them on longer trips, when they might be off the diapers or getting there.  Here are a few tips from Travel for Kids when traveling with kiddos.

We took the kids to go see the Vatican and the Vatican Museum. Vatican as you probably know is the walled city inside Rome where the Pope lives. They were ok in the Papal Enclaves and the Sistine Chapel but D got bored after a few hours in Museum and didn’t want to go inside St. Peter’s Basilica, I had seen it on a previous trip.. So me and D hung out outside people watching and architecture gazing, while Daddy and daughter went inside.  Some time when you travel with little ones you have to be flexible with the schedule allowing for naps, downtime and playtime. Here is our list of places we’ve been to and some that is still on the wishlist that we are working towards!

“A family that travels together stays together.”

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  1. Priya, absolutely agree. Kids learn a lot when they travel and there is much I learn from them. Like when my 2.5 year old wouldn’t complain of humidity in Singapore while I would feel irritated !

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