A little intro.. to my Travel Blog…


A little intro to my travel blog…

I’m your average part time traveler, neither a backpacker nor a jetsetter, just your regular working for the weekend kinda person. We always try to find the best value for the money.. stretch our travel dollars to get the best experience possible.  Anywhere we travel, we travel as a family other than the occasional girls trip or business trips. We try to go somewhere new, seek new adventures at least twice a year – since we still have to show up at our jobs and schools. But I’m a dreamer, a wandered at heart – I love planning these yearly trips – whether it is reading travel books or blogs, planning the routes, the days, the meals, the itinerary. We love to get out there and experience the world!  So many places to go.. my bucket list is big and seems to grow even more after starting this blog.

Growing up travel meant camping and trekking trips with my Scout group and I looked forward to them eagerly come summer. Now it is our yearly family trips to popular places that is on everyone’s bucket list, where we bond over a little history, some art and gastronomy. We dream of taking a gap year and travelling the world, hopefully take some trips off the beaten path… Till then it is two weeks at a time of full packed holidays for us. We are good at planning things out and making the most of our days while allowing for some splurges and down time along the way. We don’t like to do the organized tours unless absolutely necessary, so we just wander trying to make the most out of our days some times when we can’t see it all or do it all, we just have to plan to make another trip back someday. Lucky for me hubby is super sweet guy who tries to make these experiences the best possible for our family and keeps me straight when I try to pack our days with too much activity. The kids are good sports who love travel as well.

As much as I enjoy the anticipation, the planning, I love journaling these trips as well. May be you will find these itineraries helpful when planning you own trips. I make yearly photo albums of our family that catalogs our adventures, so this blog just takes it one step further and helps me share my journals with who ever is interested in getting a little peek into our travels and tagging along with us on our Adventures Outside Suburbia… Hopefully they will help you experience the world little more! Happy Travels!!

You can check out our travel diaries and bucketlist, if you are looking for some travel inspiration! We’re active on social media,  join us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest – would love for you to connect with us there and follow along on our adventures Inside and Outside Suburbia!

I apologize if the pics are not always of the greatest quality.  We don’t often do a ‘photoshoot’ of places, but rather explore and experience and take a few photos along the way. Most of our travel pics have our faces in them, since they were family trips after all where the focus was enjoying the sights not really about capturing the best photo of the location… we do our best to capture the place as we see it so you can experience it along with us. 

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