Gordes : An afternoon of goofing around and 3 things we should have done

On a trip to Southern France, we drove to the village of Gordes and spent the afternoon shopping and goofing around in the quaint French village. Situated on the southern edge of the Plateau de Vaucluse, the town consists of a 12th century castle and beige stone houses. It is full of steep cobbled laneways, well preserved buildings and is an architectural delight. It had all the essentials for a little town – butchers, bakers, produce shops and a few small and intimate restaurants.

This village of Gordes is listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France, after all Gordes and included “Les Plus Beaux Villages de France” i.e. The Most Beautiful Villages in France.  It has narrow cobbled streets which thread their way through tall houses, built against the rock, clinging onto its flanks and telling tales of a thousand legends. Gordes has sheltered many a famous artist such as André Lhote, Marc Chagall, Jean Deyrolle, Victor Vasarely and Pol Mara, who among others have found inspiration here.

A little about the history of this pretty village – In the Roman times, Gordes was an oppidum; the tribe that lived there was that of the Vulgientes or Vordenses which gave its name to the original village; the “V” usually became a “G” (Vordenses – Gordenses) in the Gallo-Roman days. The History of Gordes goes back to a much older age: already in the Gallo-Roman days, Gordes was the most important oppidum for the city of Cavaillon. The diocese of Cavaillon was one of the oldest in Gaul. Until the French Revolution Gordes has been located on a border, and in a very peculiar way was answerable to a diocese located abroad. This border was even marked on all the Roman maps. The terrible insecurity caused by the many invasions forced the local populations to find refuge on the hills. This explains why so many villages are “perched”.

Here is our afternoon in Gordes in a few photos…

We stopped as we approach the village as the view across the canyon to the cliffs where Gordes sits is just spectacular.

Village of Gordes

Gordes - Outside Suburbia2

Gordes - Outside Suburbia1

Gordes alleyways
Streets of Gordes

Balancing act2, Gordes
balancing act in Gordes

There was plenty to do in this little town from a museum in an old castle to a church and lots of nooks and corners to discover.   A nice view from the car park over the Roussillon plain is a beautiful sight as well.
The tiny chapel (in the background) of the “Penitents Blancs” that dates from the 1660’s is now an art gallery and can be found also on the main square.

But after 5 hours in the car earlier I was not going to subject the crew to anything more.  So when I asked if they wanted to go visit the museum or get some glaces i.e. icecream, they chose – Lavender and Chocolate ice cream.

Looking for the best lavender soap
Gordes shops
Gordes streets

Gelato in Gordes


shadow and light in Gordes

Dinner time at Gordes

Someone is ready for some dinner, so we stopped at the market to get some local produce.

Where to stay in Gordes

If you find this Provencal village irresistible and want to stay spend a night or two surrounded by lavender fields and forests, plan a stay at Bastide de Gordes, an ultra-luxe hideaway with a Sisley spa and an award-winning restaurant whose terrace overlooks the valley and Luberon mountains.  Th next time we visit, we plan to stay a little longer and enjoy the town a little more!

Three things to do in Gordes that we didn’t….

We had just an afternoon in Gordes.  All we did was – got some ice cream and wandered around the cobbled stoned pathways aimlessly. We spent sometime goofing around in the main square and shopping for some locally made scented soaps and other lavender products.  We loved this little town and we were hoping to come back another time anyway and made a mental note of things to do next time.  Here are three things to do if you go there.

Visit the Castle of Gordes

Gordes church
The imposing castle was rebuilt in 1525 and already existed in 1031. This well-restored and preserved building combines architecture from the troubled Middles Ages and the Renaissance era. The monumental fireplace that decorates the Hall of Honour was classified historical monument in 1902, as was the rest of the castle in 1931. Today, the castle acts as both a Town Hall and a Museum sheltering  the works of art of the painter Pol Mara.

Drive to Senanque Abbey

Senanque Abbey is an beautiful place to visit, and the field in front of the abbey is a picturesque lavender field. But we passed on it since it was getting late, the sun was already down and the roads were quite narrow.  Leaving Gordes you can take little D177 road north towards Abbey de Senanque. It’s only 4 km, but the road is narrow, and really beautiful. There are only a few spots along the road where you can stop off, but if there’s space, pull off the road and have a look at the beaview.

Discover the Village de Bories

Le Village des Bories

Just a stone’s throw from Gordes is the unique Village des Bories. The village is a collection of well-preserved stone huts which at first glance appear pre-historic, thanks to their archaic appearance and the manner in which they were built. This would not seem out of place, as Provence is among the oldest continuously inhabited regions since the dawn of human history. However, estimates based on objects found at the site have placed their construction anywhere from the 15th to the 18th century. Nevertheless, this village is a unique. These curious igloo-shaped structures are made of stones – no mortar.

Until next time Gordes!

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  1. Gordes is justifiably well known in these parts for being a stunning hill village but I’ve only ever seen it from above…from a hot air balloon, when it really did look lovely! One day I’ll get there to explore it on the ground and I’ll also get to the Abbaye de Senanque during lavender season too. Thanks for linking this to #AllAboutFrance I enjoyed the tour!

  2. Gordes is stunning – I think sometimes it’s nice just to mooch around and not rush and see everything! I am going to Burgundy in May, so your photos have me excited! Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

  3. Thanks for taking me on a tour of Gordes – it’s really beautiful. Provence is just wonderful! #MondayEscapes

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