5 Amazing Destinations to Visit in Italy with the Family

Many people think of Italy as a destination for couples on a romantic holiday. But it also offers numerous fun and interactive things to do for the family. You and your little ones can discover its rich history, explore its stunning scenery, and indulge in delectable food. If you want to visit the country for your next family holiday, here are five amazing destinations to visit in Italy with the family.


Home to gorgeous beaches and breathtaking archaeological sites, Sicily offers numerous things for families with kids of all ages. The best way to explore Sicily with the family is to rent a car and visit as many beautiful places as possible. While the highlights of your visit are the beaches, there’s more to see on this Mediterranean island. 

As one of the Mediterranean’s largest islands, Sicily is rich in terms of attractions, both natural and artificial. In the delightful small town of Taormina, you’ll find quaint cobblestone streets lined with lovely shops and restaurants. But what makes it popular are its fascinating archaeological sites and stunning terraces overlooking Mount Etna. If you have active kids who wouldn’t mind climbing volcanoes, consider trekking to Mount Etna, an active volcano set between Messina and Catania.

Palermo, the vibrant capital city of Sicily, is an ideal base for your family holiday. It has numerous family-friendly hotels and attractions. Here, you can explore bustling markets, visit a puppet museum, or visit gorgeous parks and gardens, which offer the perfect place for relaxing and playing with the kids.

Lake Como

One of the best ways to see more of Italy is by booking an Italian tour, which takes you to some of the country’s most family-friendly places, including Lake Como. Booking an Italian tour will make your journey less stressful as it takes the hassles of planning a DIY trip, which can require more effort when traveling with kids. 

Lake Como has many amusement parks that kids of all ages will love. Some of the best ones are Acquatica, Gardaland, and Bellagio’s Jungle Raider Park. For families with older kids who prefer an adrenaline-fuelled getaway, these parks should be on top of your itinerary.

If you’re visiting in summer, you can swim and play water sports on one of Lake Como’s beautiful beaches. Head to Lido di Cadenabbia, which has a well-equipped beach and a swimming pool. It also has a spacious lawn, where you and your kids can relax under the shade of the trees after spending time at the beach.

If you have little kids, take them on a scenic tour onboard the Bernina Express, a cute little red train traveling from Tirano and slowly climbing toward Saint Moritz.


If you search for the most beautiful regions in Italy, you’ll likely come across Tuscany. Indeed, Tuscany is an incredibly stunning region attracting families looking to unwind and explore. It’s also the perfect playground for those who love nature and discovering the great outdoors. 

What’s great about a holiday in Tuscany is everyone will have a chance to wind down and relax. It has several family-friendly accommodations, including spacious villas with a kiddie pool and other child-friendly amenities. 

When heading out to explore, visit the caves of Tuscany, many of which are safe for the kids. Admire the extraordinary formations of stalactite and stalagmites, and venture into the underground lakes and waterfalls. 

Florence would be an ideal base for your family holiday in Tuscany. The picturesque city has plenty to offer to entertain everyone in the family. Visit Duomo Square and discover fascinating architecture. You can also book a guided tour covering the city’s top attractions, such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Uffizi Gallery.

top things to do in Florence

Lake Garda 

Active families will find Italy a perfect place to visit as it offers numerous opportunities for outdoor adventures. For instance, many families choose Italy for a cycling holiday, with Lake Garda being the most popular. It has many bike trails to satisfy all levels of cyclists. Some will lead to the mountains, and others to flat stretches past vineyards and lovely villages.

Aside from cycling, families can partake in many other activities in Lake Garda. One of these is taking a ferry trip across the lake. Taking these ferries is the best way to get from one place to another around the lake. Head to Salo, a beautiful medieval town with a long promenade lined with excellent restaurants, souvenir shops, and hotels. 

Lake Garda is home to a theme park offering fun rides and entertainment for everyone. The Gardaland theme park is one of Italy’s top attractions, with thrilling water rides, roller coasters, and a 4D cinema.

If you want to relax after a day of adventure, visit a lakeside beach. Lake Garda has many lovely beaches where you can relax and enjoy the views while watching your kids play.   

Best things to do in Lake Garda


Home to some of Italy’s most beautiful beaches, Sardinia is the perfect destination for family-friendly beach holidays. You’ll find stretches of golden sands in the island’s northern section. Many of these are best suited for families, including the Castiadas beach. Other options are San Teodoro and Orosei

If you have older kids seeking fun adventures, take them to a climbing park called Parco Avventura Le Ragnatele. Suitable for kids of all ages, it’s located in Porto Conte, a few minutes from Alghero. The park has several different climbing routes with varying difficulty levels and amenities like a BBQ area, bar, and playground.

Dolphin watching in Alghero is something that families should experience while in Sardinia. In Progetto Natura, some tours come with the guidance of marine biologists who will share insights about dolphins and other marine animals.

If you and your kids are fond of snorkeling, head to Tavolara, an uninhabited island that’s the best place in Sardinia for snorkeling. You can reach the area by ferry from Porto San Paolo. For a more enjoyable experience, rent a kayak and paddle with the kids.

Sardinia Tavolara Beach, Italy


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