Photo diary : A Family Photo shoot in Venice

Even though we take countless photos when we go on our trips, I’m never good about taking Family Photos or sending out Holiday cards every year.  So this past trip to Italy, we made it a point to budget some time and travel dollars for a photo shoot in Venice with a local photographer with Flytographer.  We are not good about taking candid shots or the Instagramy shots where you are always looking away from the camera or showing off your back.  It was our first but a fun experience posing for a photo shoot – Marta met us early morning and took us for a walk around the less touristy side of Venice as the city was just waking up.  We saw the butchers and fishermen in the fish market getting ready for the day.  The locals stopping at vegetable and flower vendors to pick up produce for the day and chit chat.  Marta weaved around the more popular places as well and found fantastic photo opportunities – we were so happy with our Flytographer experience and would have to plan for doing more of these Photo shoots in the future… I’m thinking South Africa and Melbourne for sure.  Have you done the photo shoots when you travel?

A Family Photo shoot in Venice with Flytographer

A Family Photo shoot in Venice with Flytographer

A Family Photo shoot in Venice with Flytographer

A Family Photo shoot in Venice with Flytographer


10 thoughts on “Photo diary : A Family Photo shoot in Venice”

  1. The pictures came out so well! Love the candid smiles and poses 🙂

    P.S. Missing my family now 🙂


  2. Venice is such a picturesque to do a family photo shoot! The photos turn out beautiful! I would love to do that one day with my family!

  3. A lot of great pictures and Venice is such a magical and scenic place, I think you guys must have a great time there and it’s nice to see them in this post! @ knycx.journeying

  4. This was such a nice idea. I loved the spots that you have picked. Rome or Florence would be perfect for the photoshoot as well!

  5. These are great! R and I did our first in Paris. It was a great experience seeing the sights and st the same time having you photographed. They’re some of my most fave pics!

    1. Thanks Madelaine, it was fun.. we were a little camera shy at first 🙂 Photo shoot in Paris sounds romantic, I think I might have seen a couple of your pictures from there.

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