Over a million visitors make it to the top of the volcano at this National Park in Maui to experiencing sunrise and sunset from the Haleakala summit.

Seeing the sunset or sunrise from Haleakala is considered one of the top 10 Hawaii experiences you should have in your lifetime

The thrilling drives takes you up an elevation of 10,000 ft in only 38 miles

Stop at this hidden gem in UpCountry Maui on the way to the mountain...

Did you know that the Haleakala volcano is taller than Mt. Everest? If you measured from the sea floor...

Experiencing dawn and dusk from the Haleakala summit is bucketlist-worthy but don't miss out on the hiking ...

...and seeing the crater basin.

Look out for these endemic Ahinahina (Silversword) plants when you visit the National Park

Haleakala National Park has implemented a ticketed system for the sunrise entry. Plan ahead!

The sunset is just as pretty... not many places in the world where you can enjoy a sunset while sitting above the clouds!