Flower Child Dallas: A vegetarian friendly Bohemian spot

Dallas has it share of steak and meat places, so when a vegetarian friendly place opens up naturally we get excited – excited enough to share it with folks who are looking for a more fresh and green option. The new Flower Child Dallas inside Inwood Village is reminiscent of a bohemian house, with its open kitchen, rustic décor and colorful wall décor. We stopped by the week that they opened so the lines were long, hubby felt a little out of place since it was 99% women in yoga pants and chic tennis outfits at the tables lunching after a session of Pilates or hot yoga. But once he saw the menu and the add on meat options he settled down and even got a little excited.

Flower Child Dallas
This vibrant wall is going to be a mecca for the Instagrammers and Bloggers of Dallas!

The menu has wraps and bowls where you can mix-and-match grains, vegetables, and proteins. There’s sustainable salmon, all-natural chicken, organic tofu and grass-fed beef available to add on to organic salads, hot pots and lavash sandwiches. They have amazing lemonades and kombucha on tap and a selection of organic beer and wine. The restaurant accommodates diners searching for organic, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan items, for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. Their produce that appears on the “dirty dozen” list (like strawberries, spinach, and peaches) are all organic. They have healthy meal options for kids as well including a yummy looking gluten-free mac and cheese. There is even a dedicated to-go area that has beverages and family-size meals targeted ready to be picked up for lunch or dinner.

My Indian Curry Cauliflower and Spicy Japanese Eggplant were delicious and I got some hummus and gluten-free pita on the side for the extra protein while hubby had their Strawberry Fields salad with wild arugula, shaved fennel, dried mulberry, goat cheese, coconut with some chicken added.  I had to try the lemonade on tap – the Pomegranate ginger was sweet and tart with a nice zing from the ginger.  They have gluten-free desserts that looked tempting – maybe next time we will give it a try when we take the kids.

Flower Child Dallas

We loved the food, the décor and the little patio outside with the flower boxes but especially love their tag line – Healthy Food for a Happy world! If you can’t make to their location in Dallas, no worries they have location in Austin, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Santa Monica to name a few. So grab your peace-loving, tree-hugging vegan, vegetarian and carnivore friends who like to “start their mornings with a ‘OM’ (Yep that is one of their dishes) and make your way to the new Flower Child in Dallas.  Remember to bring your own flower crowns though!

Flower Child Dallas Address

Peace and Love!


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