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Priya Vin

Hi I’m Priya!  I’m always trying to escape the Suburbs to find cool places, nice hotels, modern art, easy adventures and flower fields… I strongly believe that you can have authentic and awesome experiences when travelling with kids and don’t have to quit your job to see the world!

Expand your horizons, go outside your suburbs! Expose the kids to the world, and the world to them.

I’m a suburban mom with a full time job and lucky to have a family who shares a passion for travel. Outside Suburbia is a portal where I share insight about our family trips and feature travel inspiration from other like minded Travelers and Travel Partners.  We hope, in some way to inspire you to explore your Suburbia and beyond and put those vacation days and school holidays to good use in creating memories with your loved ones. 

One thing is guaranteed, what you see here on Outside Suburbia is authentic travel experiences…  We have busy lives and kids with busier schedules.  We travel during our breaks & holidays and pay for our trips ourselves. We typically do not go on media trips but sometimes partner with destinations and hotels.  We only share trips and experiences if it is something we truly enjoyed and is worth sharing. There will be no content or products recommended here that we don’t love. We have been traveling for 20 plus years, what started as a yearly travel journal turned into a personal blog and evolved into a Family Travel Portal that inspires explorations and encourages discovery!

You can find our story and an intro to our family here.

You can find us on Instagram, which still remains as my favorite social media and also on Pinterest , Twitter and Facebook.  Stop by and say hello, we would love to meet you!  Also signup for our posts, that usually come out once a month.

I was honored to be selected as Plano Magazine’s Top 10 Blogger to follow in Dallas and was featured in Voyage Dallas recently and in Social Draft’s Top 25 Instagram Travel Accounts in 2016.  We are super excited that we won Sir Richard Branson’s VLETravels award in 2018 and looking forward to visiting his amazing property Kasbah Tamadot in Morocco next year. (You can see the photo here).

I’m a member of North American Travel Journalists Association – NATJA, Family Travel Association – FTA.  A few of the destination marketing organizations, hotels and airlines we have worked with include: Dallas Zoo, Dallas Arboretum, Visit ChicagoVisit DFWVisit Vail’s Summer in Vail CampaignVisit DenverAndersen HotelIcelandair Hotel in VikArcanum tours and Silverado Resorts and Spa in NapaFour Seasons Hotels, Park Hyatt Tokyo, Park Hyatt Zanzibar, La Richemond(Dorchester Collection, Geneva), Geneva Tourism boardAlaska Airlines on their Weekend Wander Campaign, Whitefish, MT among others.

Outside Suburbia Weekend Wanderer trip with Alaska Airlines

Weekend Wanderer trip with Alaska Airlines

“I don’t belive in counting countries or passport stamps but making memories and cherishing them…”

We live in the ‘burbs of Dallas going about our schedule of school, work, baseball practices during the week days. We try to break away from the Suburbia every so often sometime it is for a few hours in the weekend to catch a show or a bite to eat outside our normal routes, other times it is a vacation.  I think exposing children to the world outside the suburbs is key to having an enriched childhood.  If you think travelling with little toddlers is hard work, wait till they grow to be teenagers and you have to juggle with school schedules when planning travel.  I believe travel is not about counting countries or passport stamps but making memories and cherishing them!

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

We don’t work of a country count checklist but rather have a big fat bucket-list of experiences we would like to do. I don’t believe you can check off a country just because you have visited for 2 days or 2 weeks, there is often still so much to see, experience and explore.  I like writing about our experiences and I’m working on adding our itineraries here since most of the time that is what I get asked for.  You will find a few here, let me know if you find them useful.

Priya Vin, Outside Suburbia in Iceland

Riding snowmobiles and checking out eerie landscapes in Iceland

I’m a computer Engineer by profession but I enjoy art, travelling, planning the travels, journaling and blogging about our weekend micro getaways and vacations trips Outside Suburbia!!  This is a journal of those journeys of food, fun, fashion, family… ramblings on art… life outside sometimes inside our suburbia! This is also an attempt to get me and the family to fall in love with the city that we have lived in for eons and never got to know better, a city that we had taken for granted all these years!  You might find some inspiration for you travel here as we are always trying to maximize our travel days and money for best experiences possible.  My favorite mode of sightseeing is from the basket of a hot air balloon, the experience of launching into the atmosphere, while enjoying the birds eye view of the world below is an experience like no other – if that fancies you…  Join us as we explore the world Outside Suburbia, one country at a time!

“Travel should be about exploration and experiences and not just for photos or Instagram.”

While I enjoy the inspiration that Instagram provides we don’t typically go to places to do a photo-shoot but rather to experience a place.  So you will find only authentic travel experiences on our website.  I don’t have the luxury of posing with pretty breakfast plates in front of pools or posing in flow-y dresses on the mountain tops (dresses are reserved for fancy dinners or afternoon teas and occasionally beach vacations 🙂 ).  I get a countdown from 10 to take a picture of the food in front of us before it is not picture worthy anymore.  We never wake up at 5 am to go get photos done of a place that gets super crowded at 10 am! We don’t operate like that!!  But we do a good job of capturing our experiences and sharing our travel stories with you all.

Outside Suburbia in Cape Town, South Africa

“We believe in traveling well than traveling often! “

We have busy lives, jobs and kids who are busy with school and work hard on their grades, extra-curricular activities and other commitments, when we travel, we like to travel well.  We save, budget and plan like every other family.  Luxuxy Travel seems like a over used word these days, it is not just about high thread counts sheets and helicopter rides.  But to us Luxury Travel is about a comfortable holiday that the whole family can enjoy – be it arriving at a destination well rested,  good beds, decent meals that cater to different palates, access to unique experience and service that makes you feel welcome and at home.

While we like our nice hotels and comfy sheets, we like to splurge on at least one WOW moment per trip – like a private beach picnic in a remote island in Bora Bora, a nice meal at a fancy restaurant, a lunch with Mediterranean view at the famous Hotel Eden Roc, snowmobiling on top of a volcano in Iceland or a hot air balloon safari in the Serengeti – because that one memory will be what you remember most about the trip. You will find on the site – our jam packed and planned two week itineraries, hotels we loved, hot air balloon rides, other soft adventures and ideas to make your holidays memorable.

In the end, our life is just a story… so make it a good one, right?!  Thanks for stopping by and reading this far.

If you would like to collaborate or work with us, drop us a line! We are always planning trips and have an endless list of places to visit.  And don’t forget to signup for our travel inspiration newsletter, that comes out once a month!

I strongly believe that the essence of travel is in the exquisite experiences, the memories you make and the friendships that you forge along the way.  Signing of with a cheesy and over used quote that we love and live by “Travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.” 

You won’t find any pesky ads on our site but we do participate in affiliate partnerships and marketing that align with our audience.  You can find more here: Privacy Policy and Disclosure

8 thoughts on “About Priya from Outside Suburbia”

  1. Glad to have discovered your site. We’re also out in the ‘burbs of Dallas and share your passion for traveling & not letting any vacation day go to waste! Will be following!

    1. Hello, Priya. Found you while websearching all things Frida Kahlo, whom I discovered only a year ago. And I will get to see her “My Grandparents, My Parents, and Me” at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art on Friday this week…and I am so excited as well as to know your share my interest in her!

  2. Love your ‘about me’ – great to get to know your own city too, we try to do that! Are you on twitter? We have a family travel linky if you’d like to join in? Let me know….good to connect with you 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by globalmouse, yes I would love to connect with you on twitter – although I’m new to all this social media – learning as I go. My handle on twitter is osSuburbia.

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