Knickerbocker NYC : A haven of refined elegance right on Times Square

New York city is not a place that you can easily scratch off your bucketlist, no matter how many time you have visited. Like London, Paris and Milan – Manhattan forever remains on our list to be explored and experienced in bite sized portions.  We have accepted the fact that till we actually live here for an extended amount of time we will never get to know her many treasures and secrets.  We were stopping at the Big Apple for a mere 36 hours this time and wanted to experience as much as we can.  Even though it is his third time here, D doesn’t remember anything from previous trips and wanted to visit Time Square and I was wishing for some Fall colors at Central Park.  So we picked our Hotel – The Knickerbocker, a legendary New York landmark reborn as the first luxury hotel in Times Square as our base.

Here is the story about why New York is called the Big Apple – I early 1930s. “apple” was used in reference to the many racing courses in and around New York city. Apple referred to the prizes being awarded for the races — as these were important races, the rewards were substantial. A writer for The New York Morning Telegraph, John Fitzgerald, referred to New York city’s races “Around the Big Apple” It is rumored that Fitzgerald got the term from jockeys and trainers in New Orleans who aspired to race on the New York city tracks, referring to the “Big Apple”. In case you were curious, now you know…

The Knickerbocker NYC

The Knickerbocker is located right between the bright lights of Broadway and the calm of Bryant Park, it is a haven of refined elegance, created by John Jacob Astor in 1906 and now reimagined into a sophisticated urban sanctuary mere blocks from Fifth Avenue, MoMA, Rockefeller Center and Central Park was perfectly located.  All the places that we wanted to see during this trip, even if we were only spending a few minutes at each spot.

Filled with fabled legends, The Knickerbocker once played host to legendary political bigwigs, actresses, oil tycoons and sports figures—and it’s rumored the martini was invented here in the hotel. While historic details like the hotel’s gorgeous Beaux-Arts façade remain unchanged, a soothing new luxury aesthetic is offered within. We loved that the rooms were designed so that every inch of the space was optimized.

We picked a Junior suite with 2 double beds so that it would accommodate the four of us, measuring an average of 600 square feet, and bespoke furnishings include a writing desk, lounge chair, coffee table each Junior Suite was a sophisticated sanctuary of modern comfort. The hotel has about 330 rooms in different configurations and sizes to suite different travelers – Superior rooms for business travelers to plush Tribute suites for the sophisticated traveler out to explore the city.  They have a contemporary meeting and event space that accommodates about 250 people. There was definitely an air of posh authenticity in this New York City’s premier luxury hotel.

The room was pretty well stocked with a minibar including some Titos vodka, did they know they had some Texans visiting?!

Knickerbocker NYC

A hat I had for less than 12 hours on the trip, Knickerbocker if you find it please mail it to me!

A Toast at St.Cloud

The view from the roof top (Photo by Knickerbocker)

With its three plush corner Sky Pods overlooking Times Square, stylish indoor and outdoor seating options, the exclusive Waterford Crystal Lounge, an ultra-luxe private room, and lush living walls of greenery, St. Cloud is the ultimate rooftop bar in NYC. Named for the late-19th century hotel that originally occupied the site, St. Cloud is the pinnacle of The Knickerbocker experience, offering a progressive cocktail menu, craft bottled beers and an upscale, seasonally focused small plates menu. It was the perfect place to kick off our 36 hours in the city!

Knickerbocker : A haven of refined elegance right on Times Square, NYC

First things first, a toast to this amazing city! (Thanks Knickerbocker and St.Cloud for featuring this pic on their Instagram)

Breakfast at Charlie Palmer

The Knickerbocker, NYC : Best place to stay in NYC

After some coffee in our room, thanks to room service, we were chalking out the rest of our 24 hours.

Our stay included breakfast at Jakes, which included coffee, fresh pastries, fruits, granolas  But we unknowingly wandered into Charlie Palmer thinking it was Jake and sat down for breakfast.  They has a nice spread of pastries and the famous NY bagels, meats, eggs, fresh fruits, juices and the works…  It was about $45 per person but totally worth it.  Chef Palmer adds unique twists to his critically acclaimed Progressive American cooking to create unrivaled dining options and serves up an amazing lunch and dinner, unfortunately we didn’t have time to try them.


A walk around Times Square

Did you know Times Square is loving called by New Yorkers as the belly of the beast, Center of the Universe, heart of the world among many other things!  Times Square is a major commercial intersection and neighborhood in Midtown Manhattan at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, and stretching from West 42nd to West 47th Streets. Brightly adorned with billboards and advertisements, Times Square is sometimes referred to as The Crossroads of the World.  It is one of the busiest pedestrian intersections in the world.  It was named after the The New York Times building that was erected there in the 1904 and is also home of the Broadway Theatre District.  So the Knickerbocker was perfectly located for us to come explore the area absorb and observe the hundreds of people passing through.  It is also the site where you can see the annual ball drop on New Year’s Eve which again you can see from the comforts of St.Cloud at Knickerbocker!

A New York classic cheesecake at Junior’s which is just around the corner from Times square

We knew we will be relaying on the famous New York yellow cabs to get us around and allowed for ample time for traffic and pictures! Did I mention I love the Yellow cabs!

Fall colors in Central Park

Fall in New York is relatively mild, temperatures are comfortable to explore the city. October and November are good months to see fall colors in New York City and the best place to go leaf peeping is Central Park. Central Park is the most visited urban park in the United States, with almost 40 million visitors a year and one of the most filmed locations in the world. A wooded area with mature oak, cypress, and beech trees, ponds and pictures bridges… all surrounded by the tall building of NYC!  We were lucky to have been there on such a sunny and pretty day.. with the leaves changing colors and New Yorkers enjoying their weekend.
We stopped at Strawberry Fields –  On what would have been John Lennon’s 45th birthday, New York City dedicated 2.5 acres of the park to his memory. The memorial is a triangular piece of land falling away on the two sides of the park, and its focal point is a circular pathway mosaic of inlaid stones, with a single word, the title of Lennon’s famous song: ‘Imagine’.  Countries from all around the world contributed trees, and Italy donated the iconic Imagine mosaic. It has since become the site of impromptu memorial gatherings for other notables and, in the days following the September 11, 2001 attacks, candlelight vigils were held there at this spot.
You can rent bikes and explore the park at your own pace.  Don’t miss attractions like Belvedere Castle, Alice in Wonderland, Bethesda Fountain and the many bridges around the park. Named for the Italian meaning “beautiful view,” Belvedere Castle offers park goers panoramic views that include some of Central Park’s most beautiful landmarks. One of Central Park’s most cherished sculptures is a depiction in bronze of Alice and her friends, the characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.  Paddle boats and canoes are available for rent as well.  Pack a picnic and enjoy the outdoors while the kids enjoying playing in the playgrounds.  There are about 20 different playgrounds inside the Central Park.


If you are planning a trip to New York, with so much to see and do – I’m in no way equipped to help plan an NYC itinerary.  But if you are looking for a luxury hotel that is a haven of refined elegance and perfectly located to help you accomplish your itinerary then look no further than Knickerbocker affectionately called The Knick.



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  1. I agree, “NEW” York could never get old just because there’s always something new, something exciting, something exciting popped up. Even if it’s old, they will be refreshingly restored and become something new. Thanks for the post and I can’t wait to visit the big APPLE again! @ knycx.jorneying

  2. I have heard about this place. It is really awesome and especially when you are in NewYork, everything seems to be elegant. I judge a hotel by their offerings and your photos show they offer so much. Which is amazing.

  3. I must admit i know little about New York and have never heard of the Knickerbocker. I must say the suite you stayed in looks amazing and the hotel seems to be in the thick of the action in New York. If we ever get to the big apple we will check this place out

  4. That indeed is a luxurious place, looks amazing! The views from the rooftop bar must be insane in real life 🙂 Central Park is still my favorite place in NYC though, it’s so nice to escape from all the hustle of the city!

  5. Somehow I’ve never made it to Junior’s for cheesecake yet on my previous trips to NYC. You’ve convinced me I have to go next time! 🙂

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