10 Family friendly things to do in Berlin with Kids

One of my daughter’s friend just game back from visiting Germany and was talking passionately about Berlin, its vast swathes of green, its chic restaurants. No matter whether you’re young or old, there seems to be lots of exciting things to do and see with the family in Berlin. So I quickly put Berlin on my list of places to visit and pulled together things to do in Berlin with kids –  a guide to some of the best of Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate

Visit Museum Island

What better way teach your children about history than a trip to some of the finest museums in the world. Museum Island hosts the Pergamon Museum with its amazing restoration of Pergamon Altar the Ishtar Gate, as well as the Neues museum home to the world famous bust of Nefertiti.

Museum Island

Go to the lake

Berlin is surrounded by lakes of all shapes and sizes. Many of these are great for a day out with the family, but the largest Müggelsee is always worth a visit. With wild sandy edges this 7.4 km lake is great for family walks, paddling, swimming, and enjoy the sun during the summer.


Walk through a forest

Much of the area surrounding Berlin is covered in trees, but the largest forest near the city is the Grunewald a few miles to the south-west. Easily reachable via the S-bahn, Grunewald offers the perfect escape from the bustle of the city. Just don’t forget to pack a picnic!

Go up the Fernsehturm

The Fernsehturm is Berlin’s tallest building and offers amazing 360°views across the city. The TV tower also has a rotating restaurant so the family can sit down to eat and enjoy looking at the miniature city below.

Round Berlin

Take to the park

Berlin is a city that covers a huge area, and a large chunk of that is made up of parks. The city’s largest park Tiergarten plays a key role in the day-to-day life of the city and is always popular with families.

Visit the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

Every kid loves LEGO, so why not treat them to a trip to LEGOLAND when you’re in Berlin? With tons of rides and attractions, this is sure to be a popular day out for the little ones!

Go to the zoo

As the oldest zoo in Germany and one of the best known in Europe, the Berlin Zoological Garden is a must visit for families in the city. With giant pandas, lions, kangaroos, ostriches and much more, a visit to the zoo is a fun way to teach your children about nature.

Visit the Reichstag

While the kids might not be too interested in intricacies of the German government, the Reichstag offers wonderful views across the city from its glass atrium. The iconic Brandenburg Gate is only 500 metres away, too.

Berlin Wall

See the Berlin wall

There are many tours that take you along the path of the Berlin wall, which is a great way to teach your children about Germany’s history during the Cold War. There is also a preserved section and visitor centre at 111 Bernauer Strasse.

Learn the Story of Berlin

The Story of Berlin in an interactive exhibition that lets you live the last 800 years of Berlin history, and offers lots of fun and engaging activities for kids of all ages.

What to eat in Berlin

Berlin is a city of food – vegetarian food is not hard to find as well. You will find everything from wurst stands to Michelin star restaurants, fantastic vegan restaurants. Berlin is best known for its curry wurst. Post-war Berlin had food shortages and almost everything was hard to come by. They had wursts, but how to spice it up and make it more interesting? Ketchup and curry powder became a food revolution that swept the city and today you can order curry wurst from stands and stalls all around the city. On our list to try, hope they have vegetarian wursts!

Images by Jaysmark, Paredes, Fraser Mummary, and Reinhard Link used under Creative Commons License


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