Scarfs: A Travel and Fall essential

If you’re looking to pack light and look chic while doing it, packing a scarf is essential. A scarf gives you the ultimate in versatility because it takes up little luggage space yet adds to your basic travel wardrobe options. Scarves can go a long way in livening up a neutral travel wardrobe by providing a pop of color, pattern, or texture. It comes in handy during walks on the park on chilly evenings or during long flights.


Here are 5 reasons why you need to pack a scarf when you travel

  1. Thin and lightweight scarves take up little packing space and can add a little style that we’re all after. Different styles and sizes can be worn different ways to suit your own personal style.
  2. You can use a larger scarf as a bathing suit coverup or towel, sometime even as a picnic blanket.
  3. We are all familiar with advice to pack some sort of pashmina type shawl for plane, train, or bus travel but it bears repeating. A large wrap scarf keeps you warm during cold airplane flights and extra layers can help get you through long travel days.
  4. Keep a scarf handy in places where modest dress is required such as in European churches or Asian temples. Many places of worship require that you cover your shoulders or don’t permit shorts. With a scarf you can simply wrap it around your shoulders or use the scarf as a pareo wrap to cover up legs if you are wearing shorts.
  5. If you wear perfume, no need to pack your precious potions. Just spritz your scarf with your favorite scent (just like a French woman would). It will keep your luggage smelling lovely and when it’s time to wear your scarf you’ll get a subtle scent.

Over the years I have accumulated quite a collection – from cotton to cashmere. One of my more recent favorites is this thin and lightweight yet ultra luxe scarf from Chic Dock. It is a soft gray scarf made with gold zari with a 2000 year old Jamdani temple border motif and finished with hand tied pom poms.


About the Chic Dock handloom collection:

The designer, Seema Khalil’s unique design sensibility and the artistic input of the weavers have come together to create signature style handloom scarves.  These handloom and jamdani scarves are nothing short of woven magic on looms. Jamdani, the traditional art of weaving on cotton is undoubtedly the most artistic and finest form of weaving. It is a very labor intensive handloom technique and has been declared by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
These scarves and stoles are light as feather and the patterns are mostly of geometric, plant, and floral designs and are said to have originated thousands of years ago. The airy soft fabric and the intricate woven motifs gives it the ethereal delicacy and makes it breathtakingly beautiful and so is often referred to as poetry in motion. Due to the exquisite painstaking methodology the Jamdani muslin was and still is, the most celebrated and sophisticated woven textile.


About the brand, Chic Dock:

Chic Dock encapsulates the beauty of rare and exquisite handcrafted styles with a keen focus on contemporary flair. Sustainable statement pieces are hand crafted by master artisans using cruelty-free and toxic-free dyes into luxe minimalist breathtaking designs.


The best thing about buying a scarf or stole from Chic Dock that each piece is a visual treat that quietly whispers a story, touches the soul and makes an emotional connect.  You will help the artisan who made the scarf while also assist in reviving the art of weaving.  Did I mention they make excellent gifts!



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