Why we loved First Class in Japan Airlines

While we were visiting Japan, we took a JAL flight from Haneda to Osaka and here is a look at why we loved First Class in Japan Airlines.  

First Class Japan Airlines Review - outsidesuburbia.com
Can you see Mt. Fuji?

Our experience flying JAL Airlines

We had access to JAL’s Sakura Lounge with our tickets and decided to check out the lounge.  The Sakura Lounge was clean and extremely spacious. There were many different types of seating available, including bar stools, lounge chairs and couches. There weren’t too many Western choices at the dining area but we enjoyed some rice balls and miso soup.  There were lots of options for drinks and fresh coffee.  We enjoyed the views of Fuji-San and watching the many JAL aircraft on the runways.

Sakura Lounge JAL

Here is why we loved First Class in Japan Airlines

Omotenashi. In one word this is why we loved Japan Airlines and Japan overall. The Japanese have a deep-rooted culture, called omotenashi, which translates to wholeheartedly look after guests. And it is evident everywhere from tea ceremonies to the hospitality in the places we stayed, the friendly taxi drives, and the flight attendants who go above and beyond!

First Class Japan Airlines Review - outsidesuburbia.com

When it was time for check-in desk agent was very efficient and polite during the check-in process.  Once inside the aircraft, we were shown to our seats – nice and wide adjustable leather seats with lots of legroom and headrests.  Needless to say, we loved them!

First Class Japan Airlines Review - outsidesuburbia.com

Flight attendants distributed warm towels to all passengers shortly after takeoff and promptly began the snack and beverage service. The flight attendants were welcoming and friendly throughout the entire flight. I was surprised that there were food and beverage services, even though it was a short flight.   We were presented with a menu of food and drink choices. Since we didn’t request a special meal, they didn’t have any vegetarian choices but the bean cakes on the regular meal were delicious. The flight attendant was polite and patient when I inquired about meal choices.

First Class Japan Airlines Review - outsidesuburbia.com
What the fam ate!
First Class Japan Airlines Review - outsidesuburbia.com
What I ate!

Is this possibly the best view of Mt. Fuji?

You can see Fuji San from different places, like when taking the Bullet or from Lake Aishi but the best views of Mount Fuji can be enjoyed on domestic flights heading from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport to destinations in western Japan, when the planes often fly very close to – if not right above – the mountain. Flights from western Japan in the direction of Haneda Airport usually pass further south, but can still provide nice views.  We might have taken a flight from Haneda to Osaka just to enjoy this view 🙂

Aerial view of Mt Fuji #FujiSan

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When you go

When you are ready to plan your trip, check Japan Airlines for current routes & rates and experience Omotenashi for yourself!


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