Paradisus Cancun Resort: A Perfect place for practicing your OM

With Cancun being so easily accessible from Texas — just a 2 or 3 hour flight away,  it is our favorite beach getaway!  We have been there a few times so far and on a recent visit stayed at the Paradisus, Cancun, the resort has a contemporary boutique hotel vibe to it. It has been one of our favorite Cancun resorts, so I figured it warrants a review! The powdery white sand beaches and a turquoise blue Caribbean sea was the perfect playground for kids and adults alike!


My list for Mexico or any beach vacation is a little different. On trips to Cancun, Mexico we check into an all-inclusive Resort.. and that is it .. here is list of things I don’t do while we are there

I don’t cook, clean or do dishes, I don’t set the table either
I don’t make the bed
I don’t have a map or a plan or a list of places to go see
I don’t have to drive anywhere, get anywhere or do anything.. I simply be
It is a few blissful days of doing nothing.

I find a good spot preferably under an umbrella in the shade and read a book .. over a few tropical drinks. I watch the people sunning to different shades of red and the kids frolicking in the water.

I go for a stroll on the beach as the sun gets ready to call it a day.. and sit down to watch the brilliant show she puts together!

Practicing his OM

Paradisus Cancun Resort, a Review


We love the beach at Paradisus located on the white sand beaches of Mexico’s Caribbean Coast.  It has Tennis courts, a nine-hole par 3 golf course, Kids Club, YHI Spa, four lagoon-inspired pools and a Family Concierge that helps with tours and activities.  They had nine restaurants and seven bars focused on the highest quality food and with great ambiance and service. You just need to make reservations 24hrs in advance at the restaurants if you don’t want to eat at the buffet every night.

Interior Photos by Melia Group Hotels which Paradisus is part of

The Tacos and tequila at the Blue Agave Restaurant was always perfect. When we got tired of tacos (which we rarely did) we went to Vento – the Mediterranean that served Pizzas and fresh pasta.  We were not impressed with Bana the Pan-Asian, we loved the Zen terrace but the sushi was nothing to write home about.


YHI Spa, named after the goddess of light and creation was an invigorating space in which to renew and balance your energy and get a nice massage. The Aromatherapy, soothing dim lighting, and calming décor set the tone for relaxation, in fact the whole resort had this sweet aroma to it especially the check-in area.


Beach at Paradisus Resort

The beach at Paradisus was just perfect! Located on the white sand beaches of Mexico’s Caribbean Coast, this was the reason we picked this resort and it did not disappoint!

Paradisus Cancun Resort
Paradisus Cancun Resort
Paradisus Cancun Resort, a Review

Miss Teen tried some diving this time and enjoyed it.  We went parasailing which was fun, other than that we just swam in the turquoise waters, practiced our OM and chilled in Cancun. We have stayed at a couple of other resorts in Cancun… see more details here and here.

What is your favorite beach destination? What is your favorite thing while on a beach getaway?  If you have been to Cancun what is your favorite resort?

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