Things to do in Coorg, the Scotland of India

Sitting on the edge of the Western Ghats, and aptly refered to as the Scotland of India, Coorg, Karnataka is known for its coffee plantations, many waterfalls, scenic hills. The hill station offers endless opportunities for visitor to get closer to nature and get lost in its wonders.

Coorg, Karnataka

Located between the evergreen forests of the Ghats and the deciduous forests of the plains, Coorg (also known as Kodagu) is a paradise for birdwatchers. It is home to around 356 species of birds of which 16 are endemic to the region. The four important bird areas in Coorg are the Nagarahole National Park, Pushpagiri and the Talakaveri and Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary.

Birding in Coorg

When the mist clears in the early hours of the morning, you can hear birdsong from the balcony at Tamara Resort. A couple of Yellow-browed Bulbuls sit on a branch while a woodpecker is busy chipping away. Birds in Coorg seem to be most active from sunrise till about 10am and from 3pm till sunset.

The Tamara Coorg was a bird watcher’s paradise. Some of the birds that can be spotted here are the Malabar Grey Hornbill, the Scarlet Minivet, the Grey Wagtail, the Malabar Trogon, the Common Emerald Dove, and the Nilgiri Flycatcher. Plan a bird watching trip accompained by a naturalist to learn more abour birding in Coorg.

Other things to do & Places to see in Coorg [Kodagu]

Besides all the natural beauty, birding and chasing the many waterfalls in the area, the Coorg is also a cultural hub: here are a few other things to do and places to see in Coorg.

Raja’s seat

Raja’s Seat is a park and is one of the most visited destinations in the Coorg. Located in Madikeri, the central district of Coorg, Raja’s seat is the place where kings who ruled over Coorg used to come to watch sunsets.

Things to do in Coorg, Karnataka


Bylakuppe houses the second largest Tibetan settlement in India after Dharamsala. The most famous monastery of the region is Namdroling which is built in a compound with gardens and houses a huge statue of Lord Buddha with statues of Lord Padmasambhava and Lord Amitayus on either of his sides.

When in Bylakuppe, don’t miss the traditional food: Dim sums & Thukpa, the Tibetan noodle soup.

Bandipur & Nagarhole National Park

A bit outside Kodagu district, Nagarhole National Park is the forest area that houses the park was a popular hunting ground for the Maharajas of Mysore. The National Park was established in 1955 and is one of the best managed parks in India. Nagarhole is where we saw a Tiger on our first Safari drive.

The more popular Bandipur National Park lies south of Nagarhole but Nagarhole has of a higher population of Tigers, Wild Elephants, and Bisons than Bandipur, along with several reptiles, Sambur, Panthers, and Mongoose.

What to see in Coorg

Dubare Elephant Camp

If you and your family are a fan of elephants, you must include Dubare Elephant Camp in your itinerary. Located at the edge of the Dubare forest, it is basically a training camp for Elephants. The elephants in the famous Mysore Dasara procession are also trained here.

An elephant lover can do a lot here, you can bathe them and feed them, apart from spending time with these gentle gaints at the camp.


You can visit a small Talakaveri temple near Coorg or the viewpoint which is known to be the source of the Kaveri river. Talacauvery has hordes of tourists arriving from Bangalore to Coorg, all lined up to witness the holy spring that is said to be the point of origin of the river.

Cauvery River Rafting

Seeking adventure? The river rafting in Cauvery is an activity that you can add to your Coorg Itinerary. Unlike white water rafting, this is done over calmer waters of Cauvery but is adrenaline pumping none-the-less. Also, this is your only place to raft if you are in the southern parts of India!

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Best Stay in Coorg: Tamara Resort
Photo by: Tamara Coorg

How to get there

The closest airport to Coorg is Mangalore at 152 km, from where the you can take a bus or taxi. Coorg does not have its own railway station, and the nearest one is at Mysore about 120 km away. Coorg is about 250 km or a 5 hour drive away from Bangalore, making it a perfect weekend getaway.

With so much to explore and experience, Coorg is a must-visit hill station destination in Karnataka. I hope this post inspires you to plan a visit to Coorg, one of the best places for birding in India.

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