Museum Walk: Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Museum

Located on Saadiyat Island, Louvre Abu Dhabi is an art museum established under an agreement between the UAE and France. What is pretty amazing is that the galleries at Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Museum are not separated by geography but set in chronological order. Helps one marvel the evolution of humans and our expression of artforms, our learning through time. A great museum for self-reflection.

While we were visiting, Cartier, Islamic Inspiration and Modern Design exhibitions was also happening at the Louvre Abu dhabi Art Museum but we didn’t visit since we had already seen it in Dallas at the DMA. This special exhibit showcases around 400 works including jewellery and other precious objects, masterpieces of Islamic art and digital projections of intricate shapes and patterns of Cartier pieces inspired by the Islamic arts.

While there is so much to do in Abu Dhabi, visiting this musuem and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque was high on my list.

Art from Palaeolithic Era to Present Day

Here is a glimpse of Louvre Abu Dhabi Art museum that champions cultural achievements from prehistory to the present day… a few highlights that caught my eye… a bust from 6500 BC to current day calligraphy.

Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Museum
Young Wrestlers by Paul Gauguin
Young Wrestlers by Paul Gauguin. See more of his works here
Portrait of a Seated Woman(Olga) by Pablo Picasso
Portrait of a Seated Woman(Olga) by Pablo Picasso
The Submissive Reader by Belgian artist René Magritte
The Submissive Reader by Belgian artist René Magritte. See more of his works here
Bindu, Sayed Haider Raza, Louvre Abu Dhabi
Bindu, Sayed Haider Raza
Between Darkness and Light, a Surrealist oil on paper painting created by Marc Chagall
Between Darkness and Light is a Surrealist oil on paper painting created by Marc Chagall 
Mona Lisa at Louvre Abu Dhabi
What is Louvre without Mona Lisa? Here at Abu Dhabi there is one by Yan Pei-Ming titled: The Funeral of Mona Lisa

Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Museum Architecture

Designed by architect Jean Nouvel, Louvre Abu Dhabi sits where the sands of Saadiyat Island and the waters of the Arabian Gulf meet. The Dome which appears as though it is floating actually weights 7,500 tonnes – which is similar to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It has this beautiful repeating star pattern.

When the sun hits the dome the light gets reflected into beautiful shapes. The design is said to inspired by the region’s rich architectural traditions. Louvre Abu Dhabi is considered as one of the modern urban wonders of the world, it is not only the Arab world’s first universal museum but a symbol of the United Arab Emirates’ ambition and achievement.

How to get to Louvre Abu Dhabi

We were driving from Dubai and took E11 or Yas Island. Take the Saadiyat Island / Yas Island exit on to Sheikh Khalifa Highway E12 and drive along Yas Highway to the Cultural District / Louvre Abu Dhabi on Saadiyat Island. You can follow the road signs from the highway to Louvre Abu Dhabi.

You can also take a boat to the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Take the water taxi service from Marsa Mina, Abu Dhabi Port’s Cruise Terminal. 

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