Milan Diaries: Cappuccino at Prada, Pasticceria Marchesi

We love finding cute cafes during our travels… who doesn’t like pausing for some coffee and a pastry after a long day of sightseeing or shopping.  When we found ourselves in the beautiful Galleria right across from the Duomo in Milan, we were looking for the famous Gucci café.  Unfortunately, it was closed for renovation and we stumbled upon another gem instead – Pasticceria Marchesi at Prada! 

Pasticceria Marchesi is one of Milan’s iconic cafe’s founded almost 200 years ago and is famous for their top-quality salty and sweet delicacies. They have partnered with Prada and have a new café in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. We popped in for some cappuccino at this pretty place with pistachio interiors.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan | Outside Suburbia

Cappuccino at Pasticceria Marchesi inside Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Located on the mezzanine floor of the Prada store, this beautiful café reinterprets the atmosphere and charm of their historic shop in Via Santa Maria alla Porta, with numerous arched windows with views of the beautiful frescoes and the precious mosaic floors of the gallery below. The refined interiors, consistent with the image and pastry tradition, reminiscent of the style and the original spirit of the historic shop in the new gallery space.  Part of the store is dedicated to an elegant tea room, and serves breakfast, lunch, tea, coffee and evening aperitifs.

Pasticceria Marchesi, Milan Photo by Outside Suburbia

Founded in early 1900 by Angelo Marchesi, the café expanded its services to that of a proper bar serving coffee, refreshments and early evening cocktails in addition to its freshly baked pastries, cakes, cookies and candies. Today, the same café in Via Santa Maria alla Porta, 11/a is managed by Angelo Marchesi’s grandson (also named Angelo) together with his wife and two children. The family runs the business according to the café’s original principles, retaining its unique heritage while pushing it forward toward contemporary relevance.

Pasticceria Marchesi, Milan Photo by Outside Suburbia
Pasticceria Marchesi, Milan Photo by Outside Suburbia
When visiting Milan, don't miss a Cappuccino at Pasticceria Marchesi | Ouside Suburbia

Pasticceria Marchesi eludes an atmosphere of elegance and is a place where fashion and patisserie meet. The espressos and cappuccino were good and the brioches were some of the best in town! The price is a little on the expensive side but the experience is something you will never forget!

Have a spritz or enjoy some coffee and a cornetto while sitting by the window and gazing out at the Galleria. Now part of the Prada brand, in addition to Milan, Pasticceria Marchesi can be also found in the heart of London, in the prestigious Mayfair district.

Pasticceria Marchesi Address: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 20121 Milano, Italy

Pasticceria Marchesi
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Milan, Italy

Bonus: Shopping in Milan (Use VAT as an excuse)

While you are there, you can make use of the VAT(as an excuse!) for some luxe shopping at the Prada store!  VAT is a consumption tax that is already included in the price of items purchased in Italy(as well as many other countries abroad). The rate of VAT varies depending on what you’re purchasing, but the standard rate is about 20%. Prada (or other luxury brands) will fill out the paperwork and have you sign the document in the correct spots right there in the store.

Pasticceria Marchesi, Milan Photo by Outside Suburbia

The document needs to be processed at the airport prior to departure. You must process your VAT refund before checking in for your flight. The main reason for this is that you may need to show your purchase to the customs officer. Kiosks are available for digital stamping of the forms or you may wait in line for a customs officer to issue a manual stamp.

Either way, after receiving a digital or manual stamp, seal the form in the provided envelope and drop it in the designated box. Await your refund which will land on your credit card several weeks later or you can opt for a cash refund.  When seeking a VAT refund, you will not receive the full 20% back as there is, a processing fee. Bring your passport to the store. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for the VAT (value-added tax) refund.

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