Beyond the Kitsch: Museums & Art in Las Vegas

There are more things to do in Las Vegas than just all the insanity happens on The Strip. In fact, there are great shows, fine dining, great shopping, extravagant cocktails, over-the-top-hotels, exceptional live music concerts and you can even find great art & museums in Las Vegas. You just have to look beyond the casinos, sequins and all the kitsch.

Sin City may have versions of Paris, Venice, London, New York and even a few pyramids all nicely arranged on the strip but when it come to art you have dig a little deep. Here are a few that I have seen…

U2 at the Sphere

We came to Vegas to see U2 at Sphere in September 2023 — first night, first show and they rocked!! This Billion dollar technology marvel, Sphere is a sight to behold! We were on level one, in front of the level above so it was great seats, amazing seats. Smack in the center of the stage to watch U2 perform. The visuals on the wraparound LED screens were so stunning. There were no speakers on stage, at least they were not visible but the sound was powerful and crystal clear. Get the tickets for rows 1-22 to avoid the obstruction of the platform.

Many musicians do residency in Vegas and have shows but The Sphere is a venue you must visit! A 2 billion dollar project that has changed the Vegas skyline. We stayed at the Palazzo and it was a convenient short walk to the Sphere. You can get to the walkway from Wynn as well, just take the bridge to the Shops at Palazzo.

Bellagio Conservatory & Chihuly’s Fiori di Como

Bellagio is one of my favorite places to go visit every time we are in Vegas. An average of 15,000 to 20,000 people come to the hotel-casino everyday just to see the conservatory and Chihuly’s beautiful glass sculpture on the lobby ceiling. Don’t miss the chocolate fountain. Everyone knows about the water fountain in the lake out front! Who has ever been to Vegas and not stopped to admire them?!

Chihuly created Fiori di Como, the glass sculpture that hangs from the ceiling in Bellagio’s lobby. “It’s still one of the largest pieces I’ve ever done,” Chihuly says and they had a lot of technical things to figure out to get the massive piece suspended from the lobby ceiling. Steve Wynn the casino owner commissioned the piece for 10 million dollars, 20 years ago.

Chihuly has done many exhibits, shows and museum installations around the world. There is one installation at the Dallas Museum of Art and his museum in Seattle, “Chihuly Garden and Glass,” is one of the best! I also loved seeing his glassworks blend seamlessly with nature at the Dallas Arboretum Chihuly exhibit a few years ago.

The team of Horticulturists and Engineers transform the 14,000-square-foot space of the Bellagio Conservatory into beautiful Botanical Gardens showcasing sights, sounds, scents and colors of the season. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter are all featured including a very special display for Lunar New Year.

IMHO, the Bellagio is the best place for taking some photos in Las Vegas — Chihuly, Conservatory or by any of the massive flower arrangements!

Love sculpture and illy coffee make the perfect combo! I’m in Love with Las Vegas, can you tell?!

Wynn’s Art Collection

I love the Wynn Resort in Vegas for it floral globes, parasols, butterflies and beautiful tilework in the lobby and bar. Steven Wynn the casino magnate is a huge art lover and has amassed a huge collection of modern art including Monet, Degas, Lari Pittman, Raoul Dufy, Miriam Schapiro and many Picassos. He even has a restaurant name Picasso in Bellagio (which Wynn owns) where many of the namesakes’ art is displayed. A few have been auctioned off but you can still see a few if you dine there.

Smiling King Bear by Artist Okuda San Miguel at the Wynn

Wynn Resorts has a lovely floral theme all around, from the bars to opulent open spaces. It it hard to miss the vibrant Smiling King Bear by Spanish Contemporary Artist Okuda San Miguel as you enter. You can see Jeff Koon’s Tulips sculpture, at the intersection of Wynn and Encore near the showroom lobby which was acquired at auction in 2012 for a price of $33,682,500.

Created in five unique versions (you can see one at the Broad Museum in LA), Tulips is part of Celebration series. It is one of the largest and most complex sculptures in the series and represents a bouquet of twisted balloon flowers cast in stainless steel.

The colorful high mirror polish reflects both the viewer and itself making for near infinite reflection in a kaleidoscope of colors, a social media influencer’s dream 🙂

James Turrell in Vegas at the Shops at Crystal

Turrell specializes in light and space movement and the artist is known for series of Skyspaces, enclosed spaces that frame the sky. Usually there is room that frames the sky with large hole in its ceiling and allows observers to look at the sky in such a way as though it were framed. LED lights which surround the hole can change colors (especially beautiful during sunset). There is one in Austin that I still haven’t been able to see. They book up pretty fast!

James Turrell has a unique installation located in Louis Vuitton in the Crystal Shops at Aria called, Akhob. The word from Egypt’s Amarna period means “pure water,” and I’m not sure if it still available to see. (If anyone knows please let me know). The piece supposedly consists of circular openings leading into two huge chambers filled with slowly changing, rotating light. Turrell calls these installations, “light fields,” which makes the observer feel enveloped and one with the light.

The artist has famously said “My work is more about your seeing than it is about my seeing.” Don’t miss James Turrell installation at the tram stop upstairs, you can take the tram from Bellagio to Aria and back.

Neon Museum Las Vegas

770 Las Vegas Blvd North, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Another excellent place to visit to see art in Las Vegas in the Neon Museum. You can learn about trends in sign design and technology through pieces ranging from the 1930s to the present day. The Museum Interpreters here let you in all the things that makes Vegas what it is while walking through the signs. You will come away knowing more about Sin city’s origins, history and so much Vegas lore.

Neon Museum, Vegas
Photo by the Neon Museum, Vegas

Immersive Van Gogh

3720 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas 89858

Located on Level 3 at The Shops at Crystals adjacent to ARIA Resort & Casino has a Immersive Van Gogh where you can almost melt into the artist’s many famous paintings. Emmy Award-winning and Tony Award-nominated designer David Korins who is known for his set design of countless Broadway hits including Hamilton was involved in the creation of this wonderful space.

Love Van Gogh? You might like the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and also take a peek at the place he stayed in Saint Remy when he was admitted in the Asylum. He painted over 100 pieces when he was here. Learn to Paint like Van Gogh and see a few more of his paintings.

Art(e) Museum Las Vegas

63 LAS VEGAS 2F (3716 LV Boulevard South, Suite 208)

Located near the Aria Hotel, Arte Museum Las Vegas is another immersive experience that showcases works inspired by nature. The exhibition incorporates both the natural landscapes and the cultural backdrop of the city. When visiting you can also enjoy the Arte Tea Bar for a unique teahouse experience which is also enriched with media art. Buy Tickets here

Each piece of artwork delivers not just a vivid visual journey, but also a multi-sensory engagement—from enveloping soundscapes to tailor-made aromas that amounts to a completely immersive experience” claims their website. This is on my list of art attractions to see when we visit Vegas next time.

Omega Mart

3215 S. Rancho Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89102

Meow Wolf started in Santa Fe as a small collective who all shared an interest in publicly displaying their works while developing their skills together. This collective approach of painters, architects, sculptors, performers, writers and more lead to Meow Wolf’s distinctive style of immersive environments and audience-driven experiences.

Omega Mart is an immersive art installation located in the AREA15 complex in Las Vegas. Guests enter into a supermarket filled with products like Mammoth Chunks, Nut Free Salted Peanuts, Personalized Bleach on the shelves and worlds to explore beyond the aisles. The overarching plot and lore of Omega Mart’s role within the multiverse is still being solved using various clues (both online and clues present in the physical store). Get tickets here

Things to do in Vegas |
Casino Las Vegas
I win some, but I lose more at the Casinos in Vegas 😉
Yes, there is so more more to Vegas, like this Marathon that was happening in Feburary…

Other Things to do in Las Vegas

Looking for a few more family friendly things to do in Vegas? Make your way to High Roller located at the back of the LINQ Promenade in the Las Vegas Strip. It is the largest observation wheel in North America. At 550 feet tall, the pods (much like the London Eye) offer panoramic views of the Vegas Valley once you get to the top of the wheel. One entire revolution takes about 30 minutes!

Drinks & Dinner at Toca Madera, The Shops at Crystals

Several celebrity chefs also own restaurants in Las Vegas, like Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar, Wolfgang Puck Cut, and Nobu Restaurant at Caesar’s Palace, which is co-owned by Robert De Niro. You might run into them if you dine there.

Julian Serrano Tapas, Carbone, Din Tai Fung at Aria are some of our favorites!

Breakfast at Bouchon & midday snack of glittery chocolate donut at Donutique at the Venetian

Although I prefer a quiet brunch at Bouchon or Sugarcane in the Palazzo Resort, the Best breakfast buffet in Vegas is undeniably at the Wynn!

After dark, Las Vegas hosts some of the best parties in the world — you can put on some glitter and party the night away. You are never too old for some glitter and glam 😉 remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. 

Some popular clubs in Vegas are OmniaHakkasanMarqueeTaoXS, Jewel and Zouk. Now our favorite Miami resort, Fontainebleau is in Vegas with its popular club LIV. Make sure to add it to your list if you are looking to party the night away in Vegas.

Look who is 21 this month!

Celebrating my youngest’s 21st Birthday in Vegas

Whether to celebrate or just for change of scenery, Vegas is slowly becoming our favorite destination for a quick getaway. Viva Las Vegas!


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